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March 29, 2021

Need to write a survey? Check out these 75+ free survey templates.

When you have a business problem to solve – whether it be about customer churn, pricing optimization, website conversion, or a slew of other things – there’s one clear way to solve it: user research.

And often, surveys (or in our case, surveys!) are the most effective research method to get enough results to feel confident in your path forward. However, while surveys may seem simple on surface-level they often require a lot of work and thoughtfulness to ensure you are receiving reliable and actionable results from your users.

Which can lead to a lot of questions about how to write survey questions, like: What should I ask? How should I ask it? And when should I ask it? Especially if you’ve never created a survey before or if you’ve never tried to solve your problem.

We just added over 50 new templates across 11 different use cases, so you now have access to 75+ free survey templates to help you quickly get the user insights you need to make confident product decisions. Within each template, you’ll also find guidance on exactly who to target and when to use it.

Plus, each template was handcrafted by our in-house, expert User Research team — ensuring that you’re asking the right questions (and not any leading ones).

We've grouped templates into specific use cases so it's easy to find the perfect survey based on what you're trying to solve for. Are you...

Looking to improve an existing product or feature?

Product teams need actionable user insights to make informed decisions about what to focus on. But it can be challenging to generate insights at the pace of modern development. This collection of templates helps you identify key opportunities and keep your product ahead of the pack. Launch this collection for free >>

Want to acquire more customers?

Your marketing site is your biggest chance to express your product's value and give visitors confidence in choosing you over the competition. This collection of templates will help you learn how to sign up more users and convert them into loyal customers. Check out all 5 free templates >>

Trying to improve your onboarding experience?

A seamless onboarding experience can be the difference between success and failure. But it can be difficult to understand why users don't complete onboarding and what to do about it. These survey templates will help to increase onboarding conversion and provide a great user experience. Launch this collection for free >>

Getting ready to launch a new product or feature?

To ensure the success of a new product or feature, you need to validate your direction with users, or potential users, at every stage of development. This collection of survey templates will help you level up your development process and launch products and features customers can't live without. See free template >>

Want to measure the customer experience?

You need to keep a pulse on the customer experience to identify gaps, address issues, and proactively address churn risk. Use this collection to choose from a variety of common metrics, and select the ones that best fit your business goals and customer profile. Launch this collection for free >>

Need help reducing churn?

Solving churn is many business's biggest growth opportunity. But if often goes untapped because it's difficult to understand the root causes. Use in-product surveys to uncover key drivers of churn before it happens and retain more customers. Check out 4 free templates >>

Want to improve your purchase conversion?

When conversion rates are low, it can be difficult to pinpoint the right levers to pull to have the most impact. Identify the areas in the purchase journey most in need of attention and uncover opportunities to improve the experience with these survey templates. Launch this collection for free >>

Need to improve your order journey?

The ecommerce journey doesn't end at purchase, and what happens afterwards is just as important as what happens before. Add surveys throughout the experience to gain insight into the full order journey and identify areas for improvement that will turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. See free template >>

Want to create better content?

Great content is a powerful way to attract new customers, engage existing ones, and build your brand. Add a survey to your blog post, newsletter (like our friend Lenny does!), etc. to better understand your readers' interests, surface new topics they want to hear from you about, and identify opportunities to improve. Launch this collection for free >>

Or maybe you need to conduct in-person research?

The usual recruitment method can take weeks and multiple email blasts to garner enough opt-ins. Instead, use a survey to make it easier to recruit from your own user base and get them scheduled without all the back and forth it usually requires. Start recruiting participants for free >>

Which template is your favorite?

🤳 Let us know, or suggest a new template idea, by tagging us on Twitter or LinkedIn. We will send you some sweet Sprig swag if do!

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