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Customer Stories

Learn how top companies were able to collect and apply user insights to directly improve conversion, reduce churn, improve onboarding, and more with Sprig.

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Loved by the World's Best Product Teams

  • Initially, I was skeptical that Sprig could provide the level of insights we needed. These concerns disappeared once we launched our first in-product survey.

    Brenda Liu Headshot

    Brenda Liu

    Lead UX/UI Designer at ProGuides

  • Sprig gives you a lot of firepower when you are copy testing because you can use your users' exact words.

    Dan Layfield - headshot

    Daniel Layfield

    Growth Product Manager at Codecademy

  • Sprig has had a large impact, both in terms of the conversion rate, and on our brand and communications efforts aimed at downstream behavior.

    Kevin Thrams Headshot

    Kevin Thrams

    Marketing at Nova Credit

  • Sprig provides in-product survey insights we can act on immediately. The platform enables us to get insights within days, while the research team is freed up to focus on longer-term studies.

    Jewel Seperson - headshot

    Jewel Seperson

    Head of User Research at Square

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