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Sprig for Enterprise Teams

Product feedback made easy at scale. Empower your team to build better products with ease by leveraging powerful user insights early and often in the product lifecycle.

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Sprig fuels product roadmaps at


Make Better Product Decisions, From Discovery to Delivery

Sprig helps product and design teams effortlessly learn from users at every stage of development.

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Build features with confidence

Save valuable engineering resources by ensuring your new user flow, feature, or messaging is destined for success before you start development.

Optimize existing experiences

Improve conversion and retention by listening to your customers and shaping your product roadmap based on what they want to see next.



Easily Optimize Your Product With Sprig’s Most Advanced Features

Sprig Enterprise unlocks industry-leading feedback solutions like advanced data targeting, automated analysis, comprehensive data security, and robust team‑management controls.

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Install easily, no matter your stack

Get started with one of Sprig’s simple installation methods and quickly connect Sprig to your product’s data. No engineering resources required post-install.

Collect feedback in minutes

Launch studies in just a few clicks with Sprig’s self-serve platform, which includes an expert-made template gallery and customizable design options.

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Turn insights into actions at scale

Uncover learnings automatically with Sprig’s AI analysis. Share these product insights with your other tools using Sprig’s integrations library.

Rest easy knowing your data safe

Protect user data with SOC 2, GDPR, and CCPA compliance, plus data encryption. For internal team security, easily enable SSO and permission controls.

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Sprig Connects To Your (Other) Favorite Product Tools

With Sprig's dozens of integrations, you can leverage your existing product data to capture targeted feedback and easily send it to the tools where you'll turn insights into actions.


Increasing Product Success at Scale

Organizations of 1 to 10,000 use Sprig to gain actionable product insights, helping them spend time and resources on features their users are guaranteed to love.

I used to spend more time analyzing feedback than designing. With Sprig’s automation, I can spend my day prototyping and creating.

Elynn Lee Headshot

Elynn Lee

Product Manager

Sprig makes it easy to obtain timely, relevant responses. We’ve gained invaluable insights to guide our development process.

Lilian Zuo Headshot

Lilian Zuo

Group Product Manager

For Mercari’s app and web integration with Sprig, it took us less than a day to set up everything and get surveys up and running.

Naoya Makino

Naoya Makino

Senior Engineering Manager

Launch a Sprig in minutes. 
See insights within hours.

Get conviction around every product decision. Start with Sprig to collect product insights to build a better product experience.