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About Us

Every product decision is customer informed in real-time

Sprig helps user researchers, product managers, and designers uncover customer insights in real-time so they can make informed product decisions.

About Stats

A completely new way to understand your customers

Research teams are working tirelessly to deliver insights that help product and design teams to build products that exceed customer expectations - our goal is to make that easier. Sprig is the first user research platform that delivers insights when you need them throughout every stage of development.

Our leadership team

Ryan Glasgow Headshot

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Glasgow

Product guy. Early team member at Weebly (acquired by Square) & Vurb (acquired by Snapchat); UCSD alum. I started Sprig to help businesses identify and measure the unmet needs of their customers.

Steph J Headshot38 BW 1

Chief Revenue Officer

Steph Jenkins

Mission-driven revenue leader. Passion for cool technology and great products. Lover of efficiency, process, and scaling teams. B2B SaaS, Enterprise & PLG expertise. Former Glassdoor exec. Cornell alum.

Picture of Elizabeth Walton Egan

Chief Marketing Officer

Elizabeth Walton Egan

Entrepreneur and B2B marketing leader. Northwestern alum. Deep experience growing companies from small startups, through IPO, and beyond. Forbes 30 Under 30 and former SVP Growth at Yext.

Andy Zheng Headshot

Head of Data

Andy Zheng

Computer Science and Engineering PhD turned data expert. Deep industrial experience building large-scale high performance platforms and data foundations. Former CTO, Founder, and Ex-Googler.

Sean Twersky Headshot

VP of Operations

Sean Twersky

Operator and force multiplier. Former Bain and Instacart. Yale alum and Kellogg MBA. Experience building and scaling functions enabling teams to perform at their best.

Kevin Mandich Headshot

Head of AI & ML

Kevin Mandich

Engineering PhD turned AI expert. Previously at Agari and Incubit. Has over six years of industry experience building state-of-the-art machine learning applications. UCSD alum.

Lisa Ashcroft Headshot

Head of Customer Success

Lisa Ashcraft

Customer Success leader, advocate, advisor and accelerator focused on software adoption and value. Extensive acumen in Enterprise and B2B SaaS as well as B2C leveraging product led growth models. Former Chico State, Cisco Systems, Dropbox and Postman alum.

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Our Investors

Our incredible investors

Meet a few of our other investors...

Daniel Levine (Accel)
Bill Trenchard
(First Round)
Elad Gil (Co-founder of Color Genomics)
Dylan Field
(CEO of Figma)
Ben Porterfield
(Co-founder of Looker)
Akshay Kothari
(COO of Notion)
Jack Altman (CEO of Lattice)
Bobby Lo
(Founder of Vurb)
Ben Braverman (CCO of Flexport)
Manik Gupta
(former CPO of Uber)
Shiva Rajaraman
(former CTO WeWork)
Sriram Krishnan
(former SVP of Headspin)
Kristina Shen (a16z)
Lenny Rachitsky (Writer, Investor)

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