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Continuously surface insights as your users navigate and engage with your product experience.

Survey asking the value of a product
Depiction of targeting users for your survey

Understand the user experience, as it happens

  • Ask questions to specific users after they finish an action or flow to uncover insights and unlock new opportunities.
  • Identify when messaging isn't clear, features aren't working as expected, or what's holding users back from taking action.
  • Receive insights in hours so teams can get answers and quickly implement changes that are user-informed.

Evaluate existing product experiences with Sprig

Survey asking why user would cancel plan

Target specific users without asking eng or data science for help with each new study

Create complex rules based on specific user actions and attributes. Want to learn from users in Japan who churned? Just load up your targeting criteria and launch your question in a few minutes.

Ask questions across multiple devices without annoying users

Ask questions within your web and mobile experiences, via triggered email or embedded link. Sprig’s study-level and global recontact window lets you specify how many studies a specific user will see at any time.

Device options for survey deployment
Survey customization

Achieve a completely native look and feel with advanced customizations

We know how important it is to have a research experience that feels 100% on brand. Use the Sprig editor or customize with CSS and no one will ever know you’re using a partner to power your in-product surveys.

Reduce time spent on manual open-text response analysis

We know coding response data is one of the most tedious aspects of research analysis. Sprig’s automated analysis combines AI and human oversight to deliver accurate themes that are custom to your business.

depiction of survey response analysis

Trusted by the world's most customer-centric teams

Sprig helps product and research teams ensure user insights fuel every product decision.

  • Sprig is truly magical! My researcher and I had a question, and we were able to put together a Sprig and get insights within a day.

    Elynn Lee Headshot

    Elynn Lee

    Product Manager at Opendoor

Welcome to the new way of evaluating the product experience

Precise targeting

Choose your audience based on their specific behaviors, events, user groups, time parameters, and more.

Video, text, and structured questions

Get all of your questions answered by leveraging a variety of question types including multiple-choice, Likert scales, and video.

Automatic analysis

Ditch the most tedious aspects of research analysis and let AI plus human oversight analyze open text response data for you.

Fly through your security review process with Sprig

Your data is safe with us. We're SOC2 Type 2 certified, GDPR compliant, and trusted by the world's largest and most secure organizations.

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Launch a Sprig and get insights within hours.

Get started to evaluate existing experiences, test new product concepts, or recruit research participants within your product, on your website, and more.