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In-context surveys & scaled qualitative research

Learn from users in real time with in-the-moment surveys

Easily survey users in-product for hyper-relevant insights

Image of in-product survey

In-context surveys unlock real-time insights you can’t get anywhere else

Easy to use from install to insight

Sprig feels like a delightful consumer-grade product but still offers Enterprise-grade functionality.

Get hyper-specific

Event-based technology lets you target users for surveys with low and no code—never before possible with legacy tools.

Analysis done for you

Say goodbye to word clouds. Sprig uses AI and human oversight to review and summarize responses into usable themes.

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Built for teams to use together

Leverage unlimited seats to invite others in the company to view (and use) the insights generated.

Don’t miss critical (and hard-to-access) insights

With Sprig, a few lines of code power targeted surveys, in-product or out. You’ll gather valuable insights you can't get with other methods, reduce time to insight, and make your research go further.

A simple install fuels powerful targeting and analysis

Visualization of integrations

Easy to use from install to insight

Sprig’s set-up and admin experience is simple and intuitive, while still providing the features and functionality you’d expect from an Enterprise research platform.

Advanced targeting fuels hyper-relevant feedback

Sprig’s event-based technology lets you target nearly any user for surveys, without asking engineering for help each time. You get more relevant insights, less frustration, and more data at your fingertips.

Visualization of targeting options
Visualization of survey analysis

Analysis done for you

Instead of spending hours reviewing and coding responses, Sprig’s award-winning AI with a human in the loop groups your open-text, voice, and video responses into themes so you can review or dig deeper quickly.

Built for teams to use together

Sprig is built for designers, researchers, and product managers to use together. Say goodbye to shared licenses and personal accounts and start centralizing insights for better collaboration.

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Visualization of branding options for surveys

Stay on brand

Use the Sprig editor or customize with CSS and no one will ever know you’re using a partner to power your in-product surveys.

Do it all without disrupting or annoying users

  • Capture high impact insights after users complete an action or flow

    Sprig maximizes recall without disrupting users during critical tasks or flow. You’ll get highly reliable insights since you’re presenting questions in-context, during natural product usage.

  • Sprig has been extremely useful in helping our research team provide highly relevant, in-the-moment insights to our product and marketing teams.

    Jewel Seperson - headshot

    Jewel Seperson

    Head of User Research at Square

  • Sprig helps us collect insights easier, faster, and more accurately than any other tool on the market, which allows us to build a better product for our users.

    Dan Layfield - headshot

    Daniel Layfield

    Growth Product Manager at Codecademy

  • Our existing survey platform had so much noise and was disconnected from the product experience. With Sprig, every insight is relevant to what we’re working on or should be working on.

    Adam Johnston Square

    Adam Johnston

    Former Director of Product Management at Shift

How Sprig helps user research, product, and design teams

  • Create a research-driven culture by providing context-rich user insights at scale.

    Sprig helps you get from question to insight in a few hours, so you can fulfill every request, fuel every product decision with research, and spend more time on the work you love.

  • Research as fast as you ship to fuel every product decision with valuable user insights.

    You know that research is valuable, but you don’t always have time to wait. Sprig produces bite-sized insights when you need them to answer the “why” behind user behavior.

  • Sprig helps you create user-centered designs by obtaining real-time insights from your users.

    Sprig empowers design teams to research quickly and reliably without a research background. Use pre-built and customizable templates to start collecting insights in just a few minutes.

Keep a constant pulse on your users’ experience

Insights from your Sprig studies are displayed in a customizable reporting dashboard. Review themes that emerge through AI analysis, share with colleagues, or export response data for further analysis.

Sprig Dashboard

Fly through your security review process with Sprig

Your data is safe with us. We’re SOC2 Type 2 certified, GDPR compliant, and trusted by the world's largest and most secure organizations.

Security container

Launch a Sprig and get insights within hours.

Make every product decision research-informed. Get started with Sprig and conduct high-impact research with your users across the product lifecycle.