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In-Product Surveys

Continuously learn from customers

Bite-sized insights when you need them to answer the “why” behind user behavior.

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Experience a Sprig In-Product Survey Yourself

Click through the interactive surveys below to get a feel for how your users will experience Sprig.

  • Improve Onboarding
  • Gauge Feature Satisfaction
  • Measure NPS

Use Cases

Capture Insights With Each Product Change

As your product changes, customer sentiment changes too. With in-product surveys you’ll know exactly how customers perceive your product as it evolves.

Shift In-Product Survey

Release changes with confidence

Run in-product surveys alongside your A/B tests and feature flags to collect user sentiment alongside conversion results.

Continuously optimize user journeys

Measure your core flows and ensure they’re meeting customer needs. Quickly spot improvements and issues as your product evolves.

Chipper Cash Survey


Get Started In Minutes, Get Insights In Hours

Leverage templates and powerful targeting and analysis to get answers in hours.

Design Integration Partners

Easily embed Sprig into your app to get started

Sprig’s flexible integration options mean you can be up and running quickly, no matter your tech stack.

Advanced targeting to reach any group

Target any user cohort for surveys, without asking engineering for help each time.

Advanced targeting options with Sprig
Event and Attributes available in the Sprig Platform

A platform for any scale

Sprig’s platform processes over 500 Million users and 10 Billion events per month.

Save time with award winning analysis

Award-winning AI groups open text, voice, and video responses into usable themes so you can review or dig deeper quickly.

Themes Identified through Sprig's AI


Sprig Connects To Your (Other) Favorite Product Tools

With Sprig's dozens of integrations, you can leverage your existing product data to capture targeted insights and easily send it to the tools where you'll turn it into actions.


Powering In-Product Insights for Teams of All Sizes

Sprig customers increase conversion, response rates, and feature adoption with In-Product Surveys all while decreasing engineering hours needed.

I am still mesmerized by how many responses we got to open ended text questions. It’s incredibly meaningful data for our team.

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Nikunj Kothari

Growth Product Lead

Our NPS surveys went from a 2% response rate using Intercom to a 16% response rate with Sprig! It’s the best for real-time feedback.

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Cody Gordon

UX Lead

For our app and web integration, it took us less than a day to set up and get up and running with Sprig. It was so surprising and delightful!

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Naoya Makino

Sr. Engineering Manager

Launch a Sprig in minutes. 
See insights within hours.

Get conviction around every product decision. Start with Sprig to collect product insights to build a better product experience.