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product research 

Launch successful products and convert more users with video interviews, concept tests, and microsurveys.

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Modern product teams move fast, but learning from customers takes a ton of time, effort, and energy

So teams often rush user research or skip it altogether, causing products and features to miss the mark.

Sprig makes learning from your 
customers fast and effortless throughout 
every stage of development

Target your actual users during key moments throughout their product journey

Get 30% higher response rates by asking hyper-relevant questions to customers based on who they are or what they do within your product.

How Sprig becomes your all-in-one 
product research hub

Video Interviews

Skip the hassle of recruiting, scheduling, and conducting individual user interviews

  • 1. Record your interview questions & select your target audience
  • 2. See your customers' facial expressions & hear their tone of voice as they respond asynchronously
  • 3. Receive automatically analyzed transcriptions of each interview
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Concept Testing

Quickly learn if your designs are resonating with your customers

  • 1. Embed a Figma prototype
  • 2. Add your video, text, rating scale, or multiple choice questions
  • 3. Select your audience and watch as customers give feedback, and see themes emerge across users
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Contextual Microsurveys

Know in real-time why your users signup, engage, and remain loyal

  • 1. Target users based on specific attributes or actions
  • 2. Launch microsurveys in minutes within your product, via link, or email
  • 3. Receive a 30% higher response rate than traditional surveys
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Sprig can replace your entire user research tool set. 

You no longer need 5+ platforms to make user research happen. 
Save time, effort, and your sanity with Sprig. The product research 
platform that does it all.

How Sprig delivers accurate, in-depth 
user insights in real-time

Target users based on what they do in your product

Conduct interviews, concept tests, and surveys with specific users based on certain characteristics and actions. Giving you faster, more relevant results every time.

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Automatically analyze text and voice responses

Our automated analysis combines AI and human oversight to deliver accurate, actionable themes in real-time, plus recommendations for next steps.

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Use 75+ free, expert research templates

Launch your interview, concept test, or survey quickly and confidently by selecting a template designed by our team of research experts.

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Share data and insights across all of your (other) favorite tools by integrating with Sprig

Connect events and attributes from other platforms to ensure you’re asking the right customers the right questions. Then share your findings with apps like Slack and Zendesk to get a comprehensive view of your users' behaviors.

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Fuel your company’s growth with real-time 
customer insights.

Sprig is truly a game-changing product. Instead of relying on customers to remember their experience and tell us about it later, we can get a much higher volume of live responses super quickly. We've had a number of research outputs that critically changed how we thought about customer use cases, in addition to helping us understand how to improve the experience.
Helen Jing

Senior UX Researcher at Opendoor

Sprig helps us collect insights easier, faster, and more accurately than any other tool on the market which us to build a better product for our users and ultimately grow our revenue.
Daniel Layfield

Growth Product Manager at Codecademy

Sprig has been extremely useful in scaling the research team’s impact by speeding up knowledge generation and providing in-the moment, highly relevant insights to our product and marketing teams. As a result, Square has been able to provide a better user experience and give more Square sellers the opportunity to build their businesses online.
Jewel Seperson

Head of User Research at at Square

Our product has gotten better because of the sheer amount of user insights and feedback we’ve received through the native, in-product delivery, and Sprig makes it easy to do so.
Hasan Luongo

VP of Growth at Chipper Cash

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