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Research at the speed of product development

Embed real-time user research across the product development lifecycle to build better products.

Research along the product development lifecycle

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The Sprig Platform

Evaluate Existing Product Experiences

In-Product Surveys

Evaluate existing product experiences with users in your product in real time.

Desktop view of an in-product survey
Sprig concept test on desktop

Test New Product Experiences

Concept and Usability Testing

Conduct unmoderated concept and usability tests prior to launch.

Use Sprig for a variety of use cases across discovery, testing, and post-launch

Why research, product, and design teams love Sprig

image of Sprig targeting for survyes

Target users based on specific actions they take in your product

Trigger surveys or recruit users in-product based on specific user actions or characteristics your product already tracks.

  • Self-serve targeting reduces engineering effort
  • Trigger surveys based on actions like hover, mouse out, clicks, scroll, and exit intent
  • Layer on characteristics such as plan type, demographics, and engagement metrics

Save time with smart analysis of open text and voice response

Sprig AI analysis with a human-in-the-loop saves you time by grouping responses into useful, usable themes. Say goodbye to world clouds.

  • Saves you hours of manual analysis
  • Themes are specific to your company and product
  • Results become more customized over time
  • Recognized by Forbes 2022 AI 50 List
Theme grouping using Sprig AI
Adding a teammate with Sprig

Built for teamwork with unlimited seats

Say goodbye to shared licenses and siloed research. Sprig offers unlimited seats so you can do all the research you need and ensure strong cross-team collaboration.

  • Unlimited seats (from 10 to thousands of users)
  • Set permissions to customize and control access
  • Invite colleagues to view insights in real-time

Enterprise-grade security, customization, support, and reliability

Built for the most sophisticated enterprises, Sprig meets all your security and data requirements.

  • Sprig keeps your data safe and secure, and is SOC2, GDPR, and CCPA compliant, plus no PII required
  • Partner with a dedicated account team that can support your needs
  • Completely customize Sprig to match your brand with our self-serve editor or custom CSS
  • Ensure data confidentiality with two -factor authentication and SSO
Customization with Sprig Surveys
  • When we need answers quickly or want qualitative insights at scale, we always turn to Sprig to survey users in-product. And now with Concept Testing, we can test new designs all within the same platform.

    Tiffany Liao Headshot

    Tiffany Liao

    Sr. User Experience Researcher, Loom

How Sprig helps user research, product, and design teams

  • Create a research-driven culture by providing context-rich user insights at scale.

    Sprig helps you get from question to insight in a few hours, so you can fulfill every request, fuel every product decision with research, and spend more time on the work you love.

  • Research as fast as you ship to fuel every product decision with valuable user insights.

    You know that research is valuable, but you don’t always have time to wait. Sprig produces bite-sized insights when you need them to answer the “why” behind user behavior.

  • Sprig helps you create user-centered designs by obtaining real-time insights from your users.

    Sprig empowers design teams to research quickly and reliably without a research background. Use pre-built and customizable templates to start collecting insights in just a few minutes.

Launch a Sprig and get insights within hours.

Make every product decision research-informed. Get started with Sprig and conduct high-impact research with your users across the product lifecycle.