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Browse over 75+ user research templates for inspiration or create your own templates for your team to use.

Video Surveys

Save time and blend qualitative and quantitative research methods by asking users to record answers to video questions.

Unique benefits of in-product research with Sprig

Precise targeting

Choose your audience based on specific behaviors and actions your users take in your product

Smart Analysis

Save time with automated analysis of open text and voice responses

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Built for Teamwork

Share insights across teams seamlessly with unlimited seats.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Protect user privacy and security to ensure compliance requirements.

A Note from the Creator

Compared to traditional (e.g., lengthy email) surveys, in-product surveys ask fewer questions at a better time. This reduces survey burden, boosts response rates, and improves the quality of responses. And by baking surveys into your product you create an ongoing, undemanding, and fast source of qualitative user insights.

Allison Dickin, Staff Researcher at Sprig

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