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Reduce Onboarding Drop-off

Uncover the factors that lead users to become inactive before completing onboarding.

Microsurvey to reduce onboarding drop off

How to use the Reduce Onboarding Drop-off template

When to use

Use this microsurvey when preparing for a project to address onboarding, or run it continuously to identify changes over time.

Who to target

Use an automated email to target users who seem unlikely to complete onboarding (e.g., 7 days since last visit).

What you'll learn

This microsurvey uncovers the top drivers of onboarding drop-off and surfaces new opportunities to increase onboarding success rates among at-risk users.

Designed by survey fanatic and customer experience advocate.

Allison Dickin, Head of User Research at Sprig

Allison Dickon Headshot

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