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Reduce Onboarding Drop-off

Uncover the factors that stop users from activating and find ways to strengthen the conversion funnel.


This microsurvey uncovers the factors that lead users to become inactive before completing onboarding. Use it to find ways to make onboarding easier and strengthen the conversion funnel.

  • Microsurvey
  • Growth
  • Retention

How to use the Reduce Onboarding Drop-off template

When to use

Use this microsurvey when preparing for a project to address onboarding, or run it continuously to identify changes over time.

Who to target

Use an automated email to target users who seem unlikely to complete onboarding (e.g., 7 days since last visit).

What you'll learn

This microsurvey uncovers the top drivers of onboarding drop-off and surfaces new opportunities to increase onboarding success rates among at-risk users.

Designed by survey fanatic and customer experience advocate.

Allison Dickin, Staff User Researcher at Sprig

Allison Dickon Headshot

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