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October 20, 2022

Coming Soon: Sprig Integrations with User Interviews and Segment

Sprig makes it easy for user researchers and PD&E teams to conduct research across the entire product development lifecycle and quickly collect powerful user insights both pre- and post-launch. We want your team to be armed with the user research you need from day one, each and every time you build a new product, launch a new feature, or even as you’re looking at the entire customer journey with fresh eyes. We want you to have conviction as you make changes, while also keeping the customer at the center of every decision.

Two ways that Sprig does this include:

  1. Concept and Usability Tests: Get feedback before you launch from the people who matter most: your users. Participants can easily review concepts, complete recorded usability tasks, and provide feedback via text, voice, or video right in their browser.

  2. In-Product Surveys: Reach the right users with the right questions at the right time to efficiently and effectively understand your users’ experience in your live product.

And now we’re investing in two partnerships, with Segment and User Interviews, to make it even easier to conduct research across the entire product development lifecycle and collect user insights to inform successful new product and feature updates. We’re in the final stages of perfecting these integrations and will be announcing the launch soon but, in the meantime, here are the details on what you can expect.

What Will the Sprig-User Interviews Integration Look Like?

While we developed Concept and Usability Tests based on the need to test with your own users, there are cases where you may want a fresh perspective on a new design or concept to avoid bias with existing product knowledge. Or, maybe, you’re targeting an entirely new audience with your new product or feature, and you want non-users to participate in testing.

This is where the partnership with User Interviews will help bridge the gap. Soon, you’ll be able to send concept and usability tests to both your own users via Sprig and non-users via User Interviews.

This powerful integration will allow you to tap into the knowledge and perspective of your own users through Sprig’s unique Concept and Usability Test offering, as well as gain the insights of non-users via User Interviews’ third-party panel. You’ll be able to track study completion across both tools and automatically distribute incentive payouts when a participant has completed a Sprig study.

Plus, with User Interviews, you’re able to source from a pool of more than 1.5M+ participants to reach nearly any audience you’d like with filtering categories like industry, job, title, demographics, location, technology, etc.

What Will the Sprig-Segment Integration Look Like?

Sprig’s In-Product Surveys are beloved by researchers and product managers alike. They allow for deep, iterative research that’s easy-to-launch, capturing exactly what users are thinking in the moment — providing teams an unmoderated way to capture qualitative insights at scale.

For example, let’s say you’ve just launched a new product (thanks to insights from both your own users and User Interview’s panel participants!). Now it’s time to keep learning about your users with in-product surveys to evaluate product success, monitor the user experience, and further guide product decision-making.

To do that, Sprig has joined the Segment Select Partner Program, and Segment and Sprig are working together so users can leverage Segment data in the Sprig platform. Specifically, Sprig customers can rely on their Segment events infrastructure to trigger In-Product Surveys on both their website AND mobile applications. Now when a customer takes a certain action in your mobile app, like clicking the “Place Order” button, a trigger can be sent to Sprig. The platform then listens for additional filtering criteria (e.g., is this a premium user? Does the user live in North America?). If the criteria matches the filters you set for that survey, the user immediately receives the survey, and you’re able to capture real-time feedback on how to improve your purchase experience.

By knowing who your users are, what they want, and what actions they’re taking, you can deliver real-time, hyper-targeted customer surveys, without disrupting the flow of their experience. This enables you to get feedback on a very specific point in the user journey when it makes sense, leading to higher response rates and less annoyed users.

The best part? You can get set up with Sprig and launch in-product surveys in minutes by seamlessly installing the Sprig SDK via Segment - no engineering work or changes to the codebase required.

Want to Be the First to Know When We’ve Launched?

Whether you’re already a Sprig customer or the opportunities opened by these integrations have you eyeing our platform, we want to keep you in the loop. Make sure you’re on our email list and you’ll have the news in your inbox the minute we go live. And, if you haven’t yet signed up to try Sprig for free, you can do that now (and you’ll be a pro by the time these exciting integrations go live!).

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