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Unmoderated Concept & Usability Testing

Test concepts and prototypes before you build

Ship new products and features that hit the mark more often with browser-based testing.

Product Image of in-product concept testing

Unmoderated testing that's easy for you
(and even easier for your users)

User Testing with Sprig

Instant, browser-based testing

Participants can instantly review concepts, complete recorded usability tasks, and provide feedback via text, voice, or video without downloading annoying plugins or extensions.

Unmoderated testing built for collaboration

Sprig is built for designers, researchers, and product managers to use together. Say goodbye to shared licenses and personal accounts, and start centralizing insights for better collaboration.

Team Collaboration with Sprig
Recruitment Methods

Use Sprig to source participants in-product or import from a panel

Source hyper-relevant test participants from your product or app or send to panel participants to start testing instantly.

Experience a Sprig Concept & Usability Test Yourself

Click through the interactive tests below to get a feel for how your participants will experience Sprig.

  • Validate a Feature Name
  • Test an Interactive Prototype
  • Test Multiple Product Concepts
  • It's game-changing to get results back from unmoderated tests so quickly and sourcing those users right from our product experience.

    Katherine Chen

    Katherine Chen

    User Research Manager at Opendoor

The data and insights you crave at your fingertips

From screen recording and transcripts to time on task metrics, Sprig makes it easy to analyze your testing data and share it with teammates.

Concept testing dashboard

Capture high-value insights across the entire product lifecycle

Ship new features that hit the mark and uncover transformational post-launch insights with Sprig.

  • Sprig makes it easy to obtain timely, relevant responses. We've gained incredibly valuable insights to guide our product development process.

    Lillian Zhou Headshot

    Lillian Zuo

    Group Product Manager at ClassPass

Launch a Sprig and get insights within hours.

Make every product decision research-informed. Get started with Sprig and conduct high-impact research with your users across the product lifecycle.