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January 18, 2023

Sprig Now Offers One-Click Integrations with 12 Top Design Tools

Product Development

Back in August, we launched Concept and Usability Tests (a #1 weekly launch on Product Hunt, no big deal!). Sprig has always focused on helping companies build successful products with the power of quick, actionable user feedback. And the Concept Testing launch last year made it possible to test ideas, concepts, designs, and prototypes before building products to ensure they hit the mark.

Countless product managers and designers have leveraged Sprig’s easy-to-use browser-based concept testing to make product decisions with confidence. At a time when the macroeconomic environment demands efficiency, both in budget and time, Concept and Usability Tests have been critical for research, product, and design teams working together to get product and feature releases right the first time — and on time.

One-Click Integration From Design Tool to Concept Test

Just like we encourage you to do, we’re always listening to user feedback. And, thanks to that user feedback, we’re excited to announce that Sprig’s Concept and Usability Tests now support seamless integrations with 12 of your favorite tools. With one click, you can import your prototypes from Figma, Adobe XD, InVision, Sketch, Miro, Framer, Marvel, ProtoPie, Justinmind, Axure, Webflow, and Google Drive directly into your Sprig Concept Test. This allows you to capture actionable user feedback on prototypes built in your favorite platform and know, with confidence, that you’re building a product that’s going to be a success on launch day.

Plus, these imported prototypes can be tested with your own users by recruiting via Sprig In-Product Surveys, or they can be used in conjunction with our User Interviews integration, which allows you to test with a panel of targeted users for a new perspective.

Ready to test your next big idea? Get started with a free Sprig account, and you’ll be able to launch a Concept and Usability Test of your own (for free!) in just minutes.

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