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August 2, 2022

Sprig Raises $30M and Launches Upgraded Concept and Usability Testing

Companies need to build and ship new products and features in order to grow. But product development is a risky investment when 42% of new products fail due to 'no market need.' In today’s macro economic environment, it’s critical that research, product, and design work efficiently together to get product and feature releases right the first time.

At Sprig, we believe you should research twice, and build once. That’s why we built Concept & Usability Testing, which we’re excited to launch today. Sprig now allows companies to test ideas, concepts, designs, and prototypes before building a product. Combined with In-Product Surveys, teams can now research across the product development lifecycle to build customer-centric products that are more likely to succeed.

But that’s not all. With the launch of Concept & Usability Testing, we are also proud to share that we have raised $30M in new funding from existing investors, Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, First Round Capital and Elad Gil, as well as new investors, including Figma Ventures. This new capital means we can accelerate the development of new products that will help you conduct research across the product development lifecycle.

Build Better Products with User Feedback

Learn why top product and design teams rely on Sprig to launch features that their users are guaranteed to love.

Concept & Usability Testing includes:

  • Browser-based testing with participants to review concepts, complete recorded usability tasks, and provide feedback via text, voice, or video without downloading annoying plugins or extensions.

  • Unmoderated testing with unlimited seats so everyone at a company can do the research they need and view results for better collaboration and fewer silos (plus ditch the shared logins). The Sprig platform is ideal for companies of all sizes — user roles and permissions help control access as teams grow and mature their research practices.

  • Easy sourcing of participants by requesting the participation from your own users in-product or by uploading panel participants. Teams can leverage Sprig’s in-product surveys to invite users for tests in real time and learn how users feel about features after they are live.

  • One-click Figma embed that enables the testing of multiple interactive prototypes in each Sprig test.

Over the past couple of months, companies like Square, Loom, and Coda have been using Concept & Usability Testing and their feedback, good and bad, has been critical to our own testing process. Most importantly, it confirmed that the Sprig platform is an essential tool for user-driven product teams, designers, and researchers.

Here’s how Kevin Yon, Senior Product Designer at Loom described it:
“Unlike other tools I’ve used, Sprig has a great user experience. I finally feel comfortable sending our own users to complete tests because I know it will be easy and enjoyable for them.”

Test and Learn Across the Entire Product Lifecycle with Sprig

The Sprig platform now enables teams to leverage both In-Product surveys, Sprig’s first and flagship product, as well as Concept and Usability Testing to learn, design, iterate, and repeat across the product development lifecycle. Here’s how teams can leverage Sprig to gain a full view of the customer to guide product decision-making.

  • Conduct discovery research by leveraging in-product surveys to identify pain points and problems before you invest time into developing concepts or ideas

  • Test concepts to get user feedback and determine a direction before you start building

  • Test usability to ensure your newly developed prototype works as intended before you launch

  • Evaluate product success by using in-product surveys to compare sentiment pre-and-post product changes

  • Continuously monitor the user experience with always-on in-product surveys that measure CSAT, NPS, and other custom metrics aligned to your business goals

Sprig’s Concept & Usability Testing functionality is now available. Get started for free today or if you’re a growing company with more advanced needs, get in touch with our sales team to learn about our Enterprise offering.

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Ryan Glasgow

Product guy. Early team member at Weebly (acquired by Square) & Vurb (acquired by Snapchat); UCSD alum. I founded Sprig to help others build the best products possible.

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