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December 8, 2022

New Sprig and User Interviews Integration

Partnerships & Integrations

At Sprig, our goal is to fuel product success by supporting your research needs across the entire product lifecycle. We already enable teams to easily test concepts and prototypes with their own users to ensure their product hits the mark on launch day.

Now we’re teaming up with User Interviews to give you the option to test with the right users, either your own or a panel, without any hassle.

If you're launching a totally new product without a current user base, introducing functionality to a new persona, or wanting an outside opinion from someone who's never opened your app, Sprig + User Interviews will provide everything you need to test quickly and get the insights you need.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Design with confidence by using Sprig’s rapid, browser-based unmoderated testing platform

  2. Connect Sprig tests with User Interviews in one click to instantly access 2.1 million top-rated panel participants

  3. Leverage a two-way integration to automatically pay out incentives in User Interviews once your Sprig tests are complete

“At Sprig, we believe the best research starts with the right users. Our integration with User Interviews empowers Research, Product, and Design teams to test with the right user at the right moment whether that be with your own users or a panel. User Interviews’ dedication to high-quality participants matches our dedication to high-quality research.” Ryan Glasgow, Sprig CEO

Start with Sprig’s Rapid, Browser-based Unmoderated Concept & Usability Testing

Since we released Sprig’s upgraded Concept & Usability Testing product in August, teams like Square, Loom, and Coda have been using it to get feedback on ideas and prototypes quickly. And companies of all sizes are fans, or shall we say, stans.

That’s because Sprig’s testing platform is frictionless for both users and administrators, with browser-based testing, one click prototype embed via a variety of design tools, and unlimited seats. And teams can leverage Sprig’s in-product surveys to invite their own users for tests without cumbersome email blasts.

The Sprig + User Interviews Integration Fuels Instant Access to 2.1 Million Participants and Simplifies Incentive Payouts

Now, anyone who leverages the Sprig + User Interviews integration will be able to connect with a high quality panel of 2.1 Million top-rated participants with just one click.

When Sprig Enterprise users create their test and navigate to the Audience tab, they will now see an option to share to a panel in User Interviews.

Depiction of the Sprig and User Interviews Integration

The two-way integration enables test administrators to connect the two platforms seamlessly. Right within User Interviews, you can locate your Sprig account and all the studies associated with it. No manual work required!

Selecting Sprig Platform from User Interviews Integrations

Once the test is selected, teams follow the rest of the User Interviews project builder to set up their screening criteria, description for participants, and incentive payments.

Choosing an Incentive within User Interviews

Within the User Interviews platform, the administrator is able to see when a participant completes the test in Sprig, and confirm to automatically distribute incentive payment.

Distribute Incentive Payouts
“User Interviews and Sprig share a mission: to help teams get high quality insights, fast. Our new integration connects users from User Interviews with Sprig’s concept and usability testing product, creating a seamless experience for both researchers and participants.” Basel Fakhoury, CEO User Interviews

Make Concept & Usability Testing seamless from invite to incentive with Sprig and User Interviews

The Sprig + User Interviews integration is live and ready to use for Sprig Enterprise customers. Not a Sprig customer just yet? Try out Concept & Usability Tests for free or talk to a Sprig Specialist to learn about our Enterprise Plan.

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