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Get fast insights from actual users.

You need to test your designs to make them better. Sprig gives you access to insights from real users—whenever you need them.

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Launch studies without a research background.

Sprig empowers teams of all sizes to research quickly and reliably. Use pre-built and customizable templates to start collecting insights in just a few minutes.

  • Sprig makes it easy to get ideas in front of users quickly for early feedback and validation. We've used it to test new feature ideas and A/B test concepts before implementation!

    Cara Headshot

    Cara Lamason-Follett

    Product Designer at Wellthy

Continuous feedback for cutting-edge design

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Copy. Paste. Test

Launch concept and usability tests in minutes. Just set up your questions, add your Figma link with one click, and start getting responses and rich qualitative feedback.

Get feedback post-launch

Your work doesn’t end when code is deployed. Survey your users in-context or conduct live usability tests to understand how to improve ease of use, reduce friction, and identify what changes to include in your next design sprint.

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Research themes and reporting

User data that analyzes itself

Even the best research won’t help you if you can’t understand it. Sprig uses AI analysis to identify common themes in your user feedback and keep you focused on doing your best design work.

Get started with a template

You know you need feedback, but you don’t always know what question to ask. Use Sprig’s templates to fuel your design research without having to come up with questions from scratch.

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  • I used to spend more time analyzing feedback than designing. Now Sprig automates that process so I can spend my day prototyping and creating.

    Elynn Lee Headshot

    Elynn Lee

    Product Manager at OpenDoor

Launch a Sprig in minutes. 
See insights within hours.

Get conviction around every product decision. Start with Sprig to collect user feedback across the product lifecycle, fast.