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March 24, 2022

18 Must-Attend UX Research Conferences and Events in 2023

As a UX researcher, you understand how critical it is to stay on top of the latest ideas and trends in the industry. One of the best ways to do this is by attending live, virtual, or hybrid events to learn from your colleagues and network with others in the space.

To help you plan out your year, here’s a list of 19 of the top UXR conferences you should attend in 2023.

Top 22 UX Research Conferences and Events to Attend in 2023

  1. UX360

  2. Qual360 Europe

  3. EPIC

  4. CHI

  5. UXPA

  6. SPSP

  7. Nielsen Norman Group’s Virtual UX Conference

  8. #gamesUR Summit

  9. The UX STRAT Conference

  10. CSCW

  11. HCI International

  12. MobileHCI

  13. QRCA

  14. User Research London 2022

  15. uxcon vienna

  16. UXinsight Festival

  17. UXLx User Experience Lisbon

  18. Quant UX Con

Now that you have the list, let’s take a closer look at each of these conferences.

UXRCONF by learners

  • When: June 6 - 7, 2022

  • Where: Hybrid – New York City, USA

  • Audience: UX researchers

  • Cost: US$1,800 (Virtual tickets are free)

UXRCONF by learners focuses on the latest UX research. This year, 300 spaces are available for the in-person event, and tickets for the virtual event are being offered completely free.

More information:


  • When: February 15 - 16, 2023

  • Where: Virtual

  • Audience: UX researchers and practitioners

  • Cost: $299

UX360 showcases the latest UX and design research, from planning and conducting, to analysis and the implementation of UX insights. The conference includes presentations by UX researchers from top brands like Google and Amazon, plus interactive panel discussions and one-on-one meetings.

More information:

QUAL360 Europe

  • When: February 8-9, 2023

  • Where: Berlin, Germany

  • Audience: UX researchers

  • Cost: €995

This European conference offers presentations and panel discussions from top UX researchers. Get up to date on the latest industry research and enjoy one-on-one networking meetings to connect with other UXR professionals.

More information:


  • When: October 7- 10, 2023

  • Where: Chicago, IL

  • Audience: UX researchers, designers, strategists, and marketers

  • Cost: TBA

EPIC is a non-profit conference with a focus on ethnography. Professionals in UX research, design, strategy, and other disciplines from a variety of sectors come together to explore problems and opportunities faced by organizations, united by an ethnographic approach to innovation. The much-anticipated 2023 conference focuses on the theme of friction.

More information:


  • When: April 23 - April 28, 2023

  • Where: Hybrid and Hamburg, Germany

  • Audience: UX researchers, practitioners, and students

  • Cost: Virtual - $360, In-Person - $1,000

CHI—pronounced 'kai'—is a top human-computer interaction conference that brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world to share ideas for leveraging interactive digital technologies to make the world a better place. Discounted rates are available for students and ACM/SIGCHI members.

More information:


  • When: June 20 - 22, 2023

  • Where: Austin, TX USA

  • Audience: UX researchers and practitioners

  • Cost: US $1,500 - $2,250

This annual conference from the User Experience Professionals Association offers three days of speakers and an additional day of hands-on courses covering a variety of topics, including ethical design, eye tracking, research frameworks, brand strategy, and behavior change frameworks.

More information:


  • When: February 23-25, 2023

  • Where: Atlanta, GA USA

  • Audience: UX researchers and practitioners

  • Cost: US$226 - $1,000

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s Annual Convention is the premier international event for more than 3,800 social and personality psychologists. Attendees from academia, non-profit, government, and private sectors present and discuss research, network and collaborate on projects, and pursue professional development while advancing science and pedagogy in the field.

More information:

Nielsen Norman Group’s Virtual UX Conference

  • When: January 21-17; February 11-24; March 13-24, 2023

  • Where: Virtual

  • Audience: UX researchers and designers

  • Cost: $1040 - $6,867

Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) is hosting three virtual conferences this year, each boasting a range of courses on UX design, research, and management. In addition to the flexible dates, the NN/g conference offers the option of participating in full-day or half-day courses depending on what best suits your schedule.

More information:

#gamesUR Summit

  • When: May 25-26, 2023

  • Where: Hybrid and Seattle, WA, USA

  • Audience: Game UX researchers and practitioners

  • Cost: TBA

The #gamesUR Summit is specially focused on UX research for video games. Topics include player psychology and behavior, playtesting, analytics, and NS UX design. Discover new and innovative UX ideas that can help game developers deliver players a better gaming experience.

More information:

The UX STRAT Conference

  • When: June 5 – 7; April 20 - 21; September 11-13 2023

  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Boulder, USA, Bangkok

  • Audience: UX researchers, designers, and product professionals

  • Cost: US$1095 (in-person)

UX STRAT is a leading conference covering the latest practices, trends, and innovations in UX strategy. With three locations, this conference offers flexible options to suit a variety of schedules and needs. The conference's theme for the year will be "Creating Business Value Through Design"

More information:


  • When: October 13 - 18, 2023

  • Where: Hybrid and Minneapolis, MN, USA

  • Audience: UX researchers and practitioners

  • Cost: TBA

CSCW is a premier international venue for research in the design and use of technologies that affect groups, organizations, communities, and networks. Bringing together expert researchers and practitioners, this conference explores the technical, social, material, and theoretical challenges of designing technology to support collaborative work.

More information:

HCI International

  • When: July 23 – July 28, 2023

  • Where: Hybrid and Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Audience: UX researchers and anyone interested in human-computer interaction

  • Cost: US$665-895

HCI International is a major international forum for the dissemination and exchange of the latest scientific research on theoretical and applied areas of human-computer interaction. Held jointly with 21 affiliated organizations, participants can attend all events virtually with one registration.

More information:


  • When: September 26 – 29, 2023

  • Where: Athens Greece

  • Audience: UX researchers and anyone interested in mobile human-computer interaction

  • Cost: TBA

MobileHCI brings together academics, designers, and practitioners from multiple disciplines to discuss the human interaction with and through mobile technologies, applications, and services. The theme of this year’s hybrid conference is “Beyond morality: Ethics and Action in MobileHCI.”

More information:


  • When: March 22-24, 2023

  • Where: Charlotte, NC, USA

  • Audience: Qualitative UX researchers

  • Cost: US$195 - 1095

QRCA has a strong focus on market research but also covers a range of qualitative research. This year the conference is split into two separate events—one fully online and the other in-person. The event will emphasize interactive discussions, and virtual participants will gain access to a library of on-demand online content.

More information:

UX London

  • When: June 22-23, 2023

  • Where: London, UK

  • Audience: UX researchers, Product Designers, Design Engineers

  • Cost: $995

This two-day conference will cover all aspects of the design process from user research and interaction design to product design and design systems. The 2023 lineup will feature inspiring talks, workshops, and deep dives.

More information:

uxcon vienna

  • When: September 13 - 14, 2023

  • Where: Vienna, Austria

  • Audience: UX researchers and practitioners

  • Cost: Starting at €790

Back for its third year, uxcon Vienna is a two-day conference tackling both UX research and design. The 2023 conference will focus on UX tools and methods, psychology, CX strategy, frontend development, ethical design, and more.

More information:

UXinsight Festival

  • When: April 17 -19, 2023

  • Where: Hybrid - Netherlands

  • Audience: UX researchers and practitioners

  • Cost: €625-1,150 (in-person), €95 (virtual)

UXinsight Festival is the seventh annual conference from UXinsight, the largest UX research community in Europe. The three-day conference includes additional voluntary workshops as well as virtual options.

More information:

UXLx User Experience Lisbon

  • When: May 23 – 26, 2023

  • Where: Lisbon, Portugal

  • Audience: UX researchers and practitioners

  • Cost: 395€ - 1495€

This four-day UX conference is one of the largest in Europe, offering speakers, half-day or full-day workshops, and networking with industry leaders. With a variety of packages available, UXLx has something for everyone.

More information:

Quant UX Con

  • When: June 14-15, 2023

  • Where: Virtual + In-person watch parties

  • Audience: Quantitative UX researchers

  • Cost: Free

Coming back for the second year, this two day quantitative UX conference is the first of its kind, where the agenda is created by the attendees. The lineup features topics ranging from how to get into quantitative research to how to scale it and an impressive line up of speakers from Google, Meta, Lyft, and Pinterest.

More information:

* * *

Whether you attend the conferences in person or enjoy them from the comfort of your home, we hope that you have the chance to grow your skills, check out the latest research, and connect with other like-minded people in the industry this year.

We’d love to know which events are on our must-attend list! Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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