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Build a Better Product Experience

Go beyond analytics and elevate your product with user insights, delivered fast.

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Boost Product Success With the Power of User Insights

Increase product adoption

Create experiences your users will love by understanding their needs at scale.

Optimize core flows

Surface and solve pain points in your product experience before they become problems.

Save time and resources

Make smarter product decisions to ensure your team only builds products with a high ROI.


Collect Targeted Insights From Customers With In-Product Surveys

Bite-sized product experience insights when you need to answer the “why” behind your product analytics.

Shift In-Product Survey

Release changes with confidence

Run in-product surveys to learn exactly how your users feel about new features and capture what numbers can't tell you.

Continuously optimize user journeys

Measure your core flows and ensure they’re meeting customer needs. Quickly discover pain points and prioritize what to work on next.

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Speedy Insights. Get 30% more responses by surveying users as they experience your product.

Easy Setup. Embed Sprig into your web or mobile app in minutes with one-click integrations.

Built for Scale. Sprig's platform processes over 500 million users and 10 billion events per month.

Advanced Targeting. Trigger surveys based on specific user actions or characteristics tracks.


Test Designs & Prototypes Before You Build

Experience upcoming features through the eyes of your users to ensure they hit the mark on launch day.

Square Concept Test

Capture product insights on concepts & prototypes

Share design concepts with new and existing users to validate your plans before starting development.

Test usability to ensure success

Have users record their screens and video responses to see first-hand what’s working and what’s not.

Usability Test

Higher Response Rates. Participants aren't required to download plugins to take a test.

Any Design. Test designs from Figma, Adobe, Marvel and more.

Easy Recruiting. Send tests to your own customers with Sprig or connect to a third-party panel provider.

Listen & Observe. Record participant screens, watch their video responses, and get the insights you are looking for.


Smart Analysis & Integrations to Turn Insights into Action

Leverage the latest GPT-3 AI models and native integrations with your favorite tools to turn product insights into a better product experience.

Surface insights with award-winning AI analysis

Advanced AI groups open-text, voice, and video responses into themes unique to every study, so you can quickly review results and dig deeper.

Add context to your product analytics data

Connect Sprig to analytics and experimentation tools including Mixpanel, Amplitude, and LaunchDarkly. Combine what users are doing with the “why”.

Unlimited Seats. Enable anyone on your team to explore and learn from Sprig insights and put them into action.

Advanced Segmentation. Easily define specific user cohorts and analyze their product feedback over time.

Warehouse Connectors. Connect Sprig to your data warehouse with export APIs or integrations with Segment, Census, and Hightouch.

Custom Dashboards. Create dashboards for every user journey, so your team can analyze real-time insights in one place.


Sprig Connects to Your (Other) Favorite Product Tools

With Sprig's dozens of integrations, you can leverage your existing product data to capture targeted product experience insights and easily send them to the tools where you'll put them into action.

Customer Stories

Trusted By Teams of 1 To 10,000

Sprig customers increase product conversion, response rates, and feature adoption all while decreasing engineering hours needed to support product development.

Sprig makes it easy to obtain timely, relevant responses. We've gained invaluable insights to guide our development process.

Lilian Zuo Headshot

Lillian Zhou

Group Product Manager

Sprig is truly magical! I had a question, and we were able to put together a Sprig and get insights within a day.

Elynn Lee Headshot

Elynn Lee

Product Manager

We're able to answer so many more questions with contextual user insights and elevate our research practice org-wide.

Rie McGwier Headshot

Rie McGwier

UX Research Lead


Product Insights That Drive Product Success



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