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Why Sprig?

Learn how Sprig can help you scale your user research by capturing in-the-moment insights from your actual customers.

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To build customer-centric products, you need reliable user insights

And the best insights come from your existing users, as they experience your product.

Reaching users natively and in-context can feel like an uphill battle

Most innovative companies already conduct in-product research, but are constrained by DIY and off-the-shelf tools that can't meet the needs of large teams and user bases.

Sprig delivers contextual insights throughout every stage of development

Sprig's integrated approach to research means you can easily learn from your customers whenever you have a question that needs answering.

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Connect with the right users at the right time

  • Target specific users based on their characteristics and actions (without bugging engineering or data science!)
  • Ask questions directly within your web and mobile products, via triggered emails, or within existing journeys
  • Receive 30%+ response rates and get more specific and reliable results


Surface more reliable insights earlier in the product development process

Survey asking for user feedback


Keep a constant pulse on your customer’s experience

  1. Ask questions in minutes via your product, triggered emails, or existing journeys (like automated emails)
  2. Deliver questions based on specific user attributes or events
  3. Provide a native experience for your users with enhanced customization options, including custom CSS styling


Quickly iterate on designs based on feedback from users

  1. Select your Figma prototype (or a few)
  2. Add your video, text, Likert, or multiple-choice questions
  3. Receive automatically analyzed transcriptions and results
user feedback to video question
depiction of recruiting users through Sprig


Recruit users for longer-form research, without the hassle

  1. Identify your target audience based on specific user attributes or events
  2. Set up your screener and even add video articulation questions
  3. Make it easy to schedule time and confirm the details of the session

How Sprig helps user researchers and product teams build more user-centric products

  • Visibility into the “invisible” parts of the user journey

    Unlike other research tools, Sprig helps you uncover valuable insights even in notoriously “invisible” moments throughout the customer journey including signup, onboarding, engagement, churn, and more.

  • Faster, insight driven product development

    Your product team will be able to learn, iterate, and grow products faster and more successfully because they're using insights, not gut feelings, to drive development.

  • More insights with less time so you can focus on high impact work

    With Sprig, you get constant in-the-moment insights so you're able to focus your time and energy on longer-term strategic studies.


More reasons to love Sprig

Get set up in minutes and start asking questions within hours

After a quick integration, you’ll be ready to launch your first study or recruit participants. Get user input or screen candidates whenever you want, without bugging your engineers.

  • Launch quickly with a variety of no-code integrations
  • Quickly customize the look and feel to match your brand standards
  • Deliver via web, mobile, email, or link
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Depiction on AI theme analysis in Sprig

Cut down on manual analysis you wish you could automate

Rather than manually capturing and reviewing and coding data, our automated analysis combines AI and human oversight to group data into unique themes.

  • Saves you hours of manual analysis
  • Themes are specific to your company and product
  • Your results become even more customized over time

Precise targeting means more specific and reliable results

Conduct research with specific users at specific points in time, resulting in hyper-relevant feedback, higher response rates, and more confidence in your data.

  • 30% response rate, on average
  • Contextual, action-based targeting
  • Bigger samples sizes mean more confidence in data
Targeting options in Sprig platform

Trusted by the world's most customer-centric teams

Fuel your company's growth with real-time customer insights.

  • Sprig is truly magical! My researcher and I had a question, and we were able to put together a Sprig and get insights within a day.

    Elynn Lee Headshot

    Elynn Lee

    Product Manager at Opendoor

Launch a Sprig and get insights within hours.

Get started to evaluate existing experiences, test new product concepts, or recruit research participants within your product, on your website, and more.