Concept Testing

Ensure your new concept or design always hits the mark by collecting feedback from your customers prior to launch.

Concept testing that’s designed to be effortless for both you and your users

  • Embed a Figma prototype
  • Add your video, text, rating scale, or multiple choice questions
  • Refine your audience and share your link for completion

Get more clarity fast with 
concept testing


Easily recruit design testers from your customer base

Say goodbye to panels, complex data pulls and email blasts with low opt-in rates. Simply select who you want to take part in your concept test right within Sprig’s intuitive audience builder.


Seamlessly integrates with your design workflow

No need to share your screen, simply embed your Figma prototype to start collecting feedback from your users.


Get a full understanding of how your design resonates

Present your concept then ask video, text, and structured (rating scale, multiple choice, etc) questions to get a holistic view of how your user interprets the design.


Quickly iterate on your designs based on real insights

Each session is automatically recorded, transcribed, and analyzed for common themes, so you can iterate quickly and launch confidently.

Square received 100+ actionable insights across 5 product areas in just 6 months with Sprig

After a major acquisition, Square relied on Sprig to help them identify product gaps for new and existing customers and increase their impact.

Sprig provides insights we can act on immediately. The platform enables us to get insights within days, while the research team is freed up to focus on longer-term studies.

Jewel Seperson

Head of User Research at Square

The fastest and easiest way to test 
concepts with your customers

Precise targeting

Choose your ideal interviewees based on their specific behaviors, events, user groups, time parameters, and more.

Video, text, and structured questions

Get all of your questions answered by including text responses, multiple choice selections, or rating scales in addition to video questions.

Automatic analysis

Receive analyzed transcriptions for each interview that highlights common response themes throughout your experiment.

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