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September 14, 2019

You're Missing Something Big.

Customer Experience

Digital companies today are swimming in data about their customers. Every interaction, click, and page view tells you something about what your customers are doing. It feels like you should be able to answer any question by putting the right data points together in the right way.

But every Product and Marketing leader has nevertheless experienced the nagging frustration of not being able to answer a critical question about their users: why?

There are some things behavioral data alone simply can’t tell you. Here are just a few of them:

  • Why aren’t users completing onboarding?
  • Why are users becoming inactive or churning?
  • Why does your new feature have low adoption?
  • Why are customers using features in unexpected ways?

User researchers, on staff at companies smart enough to hire them, are experts in the why. But even they have felt this familiar nagging. Maybe they are spread thin answering a few critical whys and don’t have the capacity to continuously keep tabs on the entire customer journey. Or maybe they have a hunch about the why behind a certain question but haven’t been able to validate their insight and its impact at scale.

The solution to these problems is out there, in an emerging discipline called Experience Management. Experience management is a process by which companies strive to continuously understand and improve the experience customers have with all aspects of their product or service.

By continuously monitoring the customer experience, companies are able to pinpoint problem areas across the journey and actively address them. An effective customer experience management program can rapidly become a company’s secret weapon, reducing the time it takes to understand customer needs and act, achieving real business impact. Companies transition from reactive troubleshooting to proactively delivering best-in-class experiences, and customers become powerful advocates.

About the author

Allison Dickin

Survey fanatic and customer experience advocate. Former Research Director at Yale School of Management and Senior Research Manager at Etsy. Bucknell and University of Chicago alum.

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