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August 31, 2021

Get a Free Ticket To Teresa Torres’ Continuous Discovery Habits Master Class

Sprig and Product Talk share a similar goal: We want to help startups create better products. That’s why we’ve decided to sponsor three product trios with a scholarship to Teresa Torres’ (Product Discovery Coach at Product Talk) Master Class.

Apply with your product trio* by telling us about yourselves — using Sprig’s new video interview feature. The deadline is September 10th.

This master class is a series of six weekly, two-hour live sessions conducted via Zoom. Participants will work in groups via Zoom breakout rooms, applying the tools and frameworks they learn to a real-world case study. This Scholarship also comes with a 3-month subscription to Product Talks’ Continuous Discovery Habits Membership Program.

Tuesday Cohort Course Date: September 21 – October 26

One product trio (three students) will attend the Tuesday cohort.

Wednesday Cohort Course Date: September 22 – October 27

The other two product trios (6 students) will attend the Wednesday cohort.

Let us know in your application which session cohort you’d prefer to attend.

Looking for more information on the course? Click here.

Apply for the scholarship here (Deadline: September 10, 2021)

Develop the habits and critical thinking skills of a high-performing, continuous discovery product team

During this course, you’ll learn how to develop the habits necessary to create a continuous feedback loop between your product development ideas and your customers. Learn how to start with a research question on Monday and end with some answers on Friday, in a way that is sustainable every week of the year.

This master class will mix real-world case studies with hands-on exercises to ensure that you go home with actionable takeaways.

Learn what the future of product discovery looks like

The industry is starting to acknowledge that building products is hard. We accept the reality that our ideas are going to fail more often than they are going to succeed.

Rather than waiting until after engineers build something to see if it succeeds, smart product teams are starting to integrate experimentation into their product discovery process. They are asking themselves—How can we test this idea before we invest in it?

Teams are moving toward a cross-functional product team model—in other words, the teams that develop the product (e.g. product manager, designers, software engineers) are the ones responsible for doing their own discovery. They do their own user research, conduct their own experiments, and synthesize what they are learning week-over-week to support their daily product decisions.

Apply for the scholarship here (Deadline: September 10, 2021)

*All three members of each team must work for the same company. There are no strict requirements on the role of each participant; however, members from product, design, and engineering are encouraged to apply. Only one team member per company is required to submit a scholarship application.

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