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July 27, 2022

Sprig & Product School Join Forces to Teach Product Managers User Research Best Practices

Partnerships & Integrations

We know our Sprig customers include some of the most curious, ambitious product managers out there, so there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Product School.

Product School provides aspiring and experienced product managers with the ability to find a mentor, network with their peers, or pursue certifications that will help move them up the ladder towards their Head of Product dreams.

And, as a company that supports product managers, we knew we wanted to get involved.

How Sprig is Working with Product School

Product School wants their students to get hands-on experience. Learning from a book is great, but to really learn, product managers need to build and prioritize on their own.

And throughout Product School’s modules, students will have free access to Sprig, giving them the ability to improve prioritization, power more successful launches, and inform better, user-driven products. Sprig is a tool you’ll carry with you throughout your product management career so we want you to have access early. There’s no time like the present to get started.

Learn How to Conduct User Research Across the Product Lifecycle in Product School’s Product Manager Certification

Sprig is the go-to tool for Product School students as they work through the Product Manager Certification. Whether it’s their first foray into the product management world or they’re working their way up towards leading a team, the ability to conduct easy, seamless in-context user research is a game changer.

Here are a few of the ways you’ll use Sprig throughout your time at Product School (and for years to come!):

  • Sprig's in-house team of user researchers provided Product School with an overview of user research, tips, and best practices so you will know exactly how to incorporate Sprig into your day to day and make the most of it.

  • Sprig gives you the ability to leverage user research across the product lifecycle, both pre-launch concept testing when designs and prototypes are being created and post-launch usability testing to optimize and improve features and functionality.

  • Quickly recruit your own users for accurate insights you can trust. Sprig's free plan will totally change the way you look at both product management and the user research that helps you prioritize and grow.

Want In? Here’s How to Enroll

Want to see what Product School is all about? Visit their website here to learn more about their opportunities and certifications. And, trust us, that free access to Sprig doesn’t hurt 😉

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