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March 4, 2021

Why are your users doing that...thing? Get answers with Sprig and Amplitude

We’ve all been there. We have our analytics tool set up perfectly, great visibility into our funnels, onboarding, and retention. In fact, they’re set up so well that we can see clear trends emerging. The users are going here, they’re clicking that, they’re turning this on, they’re going there...and then...they’re dropping off? They’re not coming back? Why? What are they thinking 🤔?

Quantitative research is great at identifying the who, when, and where of user behavior. But what about why?

Conversely, qualitative research is crucial to understanding the nuances of customer experience. We can see NPS or CSAT improve over time. We can hear from customers about why they crave our product.

But businesses need context to take action. We need to connect the sentiments and “why” back to the who, when, and where of our product experience. Otherwise, it’s just a trend 📈 , not an actionable insight 💥.

Why are EMEA customers dropping off two thirds of the way through signup?

Why do web vs mobile users use this feature so differently?

How much more likely to churn are users with a lower NPS?

So how do we solve this?

The answer lies in integrating our quantitative and qualitative analytics. (Your customer doesn’t care about the difference between those either 🙂 ).

Introducing, the Amplitude + Sprig integration

When you use Amplitude + Sprig together, you revolutionize the power of your analytics. After identifying where and when key actions happen in your product with Amplitude, your team can research why in Sprig with event-triggered research 🧪.

Want to learn why EMEA customers keep dropping off on the third screen of onboarding? ✅
Understand user impressions of that new feature (right after they use it)? ✅
Identify opportunities to prevent churn of high-value customers? ✅

Sprig will run microsurveys, analyze and aggregate the results - even grouping open-text responses by theme, sentiment, and urgency.

Sprig can then push scores and themes back into Amplitude as user-based events, so you can analyze with all of the power of Amplitude 💪.

Analyze the profiles and behavior of users with higher and lower product-market fit ratings? ✅
See how users who upsell feel about the new feature set? ✅
Break down CSAT scores by geography, usage, and device? ✅
Track NPS inputs over time across different cohorts? ✅

Sprig and Amplitude solve these challenges when integrated:

  • Use quantitative research to identify burning “why” questions. Use qualitative research to answer them.
  • Analyze qualitative user research themes, scores, CSAT, NPS, and more by Amplitude cohort.
  • Coming soon: In the future, there may be an integration enabling you to target user research by Amplitude cohorts, enabling you to send microsurveys via UserLeap to the exact groups you already report on in Amplitude.

Customers who love Amplitude + Sprig

“At Opendoor, Amplitude and Sprig are both an essential part of our PM tech stack. Amplitude shows us when and where we have issues, and Sprig helps us quickly find out why. Without the qualitative insights provided by Sprig, we would need to spend weeks deploying many A/B tests to solve our most pressing issues.”
-Nikunj Kothari, Growth Product Lead, Opendoor

What is Amplitude?

Amplitude powers over 40,000 digital products from 180+ countries around the world. They are the leading product intelligence platform, allowing you to use your customer data make data-driven decisions on how to improve your product. Amplitude has tracked over 28 trillion user actions to help digital product and growth teams instantly understand user behavior, build engaging experiences, and grow their business.

What is Sprig?

Sprig is the first event-based continuous research platform that bridges the gap between traditional user research and analytics. Through a combination of contextual microsurveys and AI-based text analysis, Sprig helps product and research teams uncover customer needs and evaluate the product experience at any scale. The result is that teams are able deliver exceptional product experiences and stay ahead of the competition.

Stay tuned for the no-code integration.

Get started with Amplitude, free.

Get started with Sprig, free.

They can both be installed on your site via Google Tag Manager, or in your product via a few lines of code.

About the author

Ryan Glasgow

Product guy. Early team member at Weebly (acquired by Square) & Vurb (acquired by Snapchat); UCSD alum. I started Sprig to help businesses identify and measure the unmet needs of their customers.

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