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Sprig + Amplitude

Bring your user insights and product analytics together

With the Sprig and Amplitude integration, you can get the full picture of your product experiences by uniting user insights with product analytics.

Thematic analysis and graphs from Amplitude and Sprig

Make product decisions backed by both user and product data

Identify customer behavior trends with Amplitude Analytics. Uncover the user sentiment driving them with Sprig In-Product Surveys.

  • Surface pain points in your critical user journeys and know how to solve them

  • Launch an A/B test and learn why users prefer one version over the other

  • Capture continuous user feedback and analyze results by segmenting or building cohorts

Collect targeted user insights with Sprig In-Product Surveys

Get real-time insights on your product experience when you need to answer the “why” behind your analytics.

  • Target specific users and capture feedback as they experience your product

  • Get insights in minutes with an AI-powered collection and analysis platform

  • Easily share learnings by connecting Sprig to your favorite product tools

In-Product Survey - Amplitude
  • At Opendoor, Amplitude and Sprig are both an essential part of our Product tech stack. Amplitude shows us when and where we have issues, and Sprig helps us quickly find out why.

    Without the qualitative insights provided by Sprig, we would need to spend weeks deploying many A/B tests to solve our most pressing issues.”

    Nikunj Kothar

    Nikunj Kothar

    Growth Product Lead, Opendoor

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