Sprig for Enterprise

Empower your entire company with real-time user insights that are integrated with your enterprise systems and strategies.

Sprig powers the product research 
programs at the world’s largest companies

How Sprig helps product and research 
teams move faster, while staying 
compliant and connected

Empower product, marketing, and customer success with user insights for 
faster decision-making, with oversight from research and insights teams.

Robust team management controls to ensure everyone has access to what they need.

  • Create separate team accounts.
  • Set specific member permissions.
  • Share approved research templates for teams to use.

Elevate your brand with fully customizable design settings and global language support.

  • Receive Sprig's SDK code for full control and customization of your research questions.
  • Choose exactly where your microsurveys appear on web.
  • Automatically translate text-based surveys to 80+ languages.

A reliable data infrastructure built to support enterprise research goals


Visitors tracked


Responses captured


Events tracked

Reduce requests to your data science team with advanced, self-serve targeting.

  • Connect your data warehouse with Sprig to maintain consistency with company-level events and attributes
  • Create complex audience targeting logic in minutes.
  • Launch research studies directly within your product with minimal engineering resources.

Run sophisticated experiments that deliver insights in real-time.

  • Integrate questions directly into A/B test or beta rollouts for in-the-moment results.
  • Continuously run studies to set benchmarks and be alerted of any major changes.
  • Results are automatically analyzed and can be sent back to your data warehouse or other internal tools.

Sprig's advanced security posture will keep your data safe (and help you fly through security reviews).

  • Trust that your data is secure with SOC2 certification.
  • Maintain perfect GDPR and CCPA compliance.
  • Ensure data confidentiality with two factor authentication and SSO.

Cut your product research process down 
by (almost) 4 weeks.

With Sprig, your Product team gets constant, in-the-moment insights while your 
Research team gets more time to focus on larger impact studies.

Current product 
research process:

  • Product & Research kick-off study
  • Meet with Data team to pull qualified participant list
  • Design research study or survey
  • Design email, load list, and recruit participants
  • Conduct interviews or wait for survey results
  • Research team manually analyzes results
  • Share findings with Product team
  • Decipher & apply findings

Total time = 4+ weeks

Product research 
with Sprig:

  • Research and Product connect asynchronously about the questions
  • Research recommends a template
  • Product sets up targeting & launches
  • Start receiving automatically analyzed results & apply findings

Total time = 3 hours

A game-changing product.

Sprig is truly a game-changing product. Instead of relying on customers to remember their experience and tell us about it later, we can get a much higher volume of live responses super quickly. We've had a number of research outputs that critically changed how we thought about customer use cases, in addition to helping us understand how to improve the experience.
Helen Jing

Senior UX Research at Opendoor

Insights we can act on immediately.

Sprig provides in-product insights we can act on immediately. The platform enables us to get insights within days, while the research team is freed up to focus on longer-term studies.
Jewel Seperson

Head of User Research at Square

Powerful enterprise features that keep 
your team secure and successful

API's & Integrations

Sprig offers API access to both your production and development environments, in addition to the ability to share insights with thousands of business-critical apps.

SOC2 Security & Compliance

Your data is always secure with SSO and GDPR compliant features, data encryption, access controls, and more. Learn more.

Dedicated Customer Success

You’ll receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager to train your team, answer any questions, and ensure you are receiving the insights you need.

Advanced Functionality & Customization

Build highly targeted, custom surveys with features like advanced logic, branching, multilingual support, custom design, and much more.

Admin Controls & Governance

Gain visibility and control over all users with universal settings to establish and maintain access standards.

Research Consultations

Get advice on how to design your research studies from our team of expert product and user researchers.

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