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May 5, 2021

Zap your insights to over 3,000 tools with the new Zapier x Sprig integration

We may be biased (research jokes), but user insights aren’t meant to be siloed to one team, product, or problem. But sharing user research – like any information – across multiple platforms and people can be time consuming and difficult. Not to mention the user error that can happen naturally in the process!

That’s why we’re excited to share our newest integration with Zapier! Zapier allows you to connect your favorite apps to automate repetitive tasks (like data transfers) – so you can focus on more important work. Plus, creating your automated workflow with zaps is really simple and requires no coding or developer help.

So now, powered by Zapier, you can connect Sprig and share new survey responses with over 3,000 web-based apps, including MixPanel, Intercom, HubSpot, and Google Sheets – to name a few. Not only will this integration help save you (and your development team!) hours, but it also unlocks tons of new use cases to integrate your user insights across teams and platforms.

A Few of our Favorite Zapier x Sprig Workflows

Ready for the fun part? Here are some of the best Sprig x Zapier ideas that you can create and start using today –

  • Set up a zap between Sprig and Gmail to automatically send an email to schedule interview participants who opt in. Take it one step further by creating a zap to send a Zoom calendar invite as soon as they schedule.
  • Save and review feedback given within customer profiles by integrating Sprig with HubSpot or Salesforce.
  • Share qualitative research directly to MixPanel so you can compare side by side with your product analytics.
  • Share responses straight to Intercom to enrich your customer data.
  • Create a new Jira issue based on new survey responses – great when running product or feature feedback surveys!
  • Get notified and follow up with customers as soon as they give feedback by creating a zap between Sprig and ZenDesk.
  • Send responses directly from Sprig to Google Sheets or Airtable to easily organize responses from multiple sources and set up a “source of truth” for all of your user research.

💡Have an idea for another Zapier x Sprig workflow? Let us know how on social by tagging @Sprig and we will send you some swag to say thanks!

How it works

With no coding and just a few clicks, you can connect Sprig and share survey responses with over 3,000 apps powered by Zapier.

Getting Started with Zapier and Sprig

Create a free Zapier account to connect your apps and start sharing insights! Setting up your automated workflows with zaps is really simple and required no development work:

  1. Set Sprig as your trigger – Within Zapier, choose Sprig as your “source” app, which means an action will automatically be triggered when you receive a new response to an active survey.
  2. Confirm Sprig’s API key – Enter Sprig's API key found within the Connections tab of your account.
  3. Choose an app and action – Choose which app you would like to connect with Sprig and what should happen when you send a survey response to it.
  4. Start sharing survey responses – Each time a new survey response is received it will automatically and securely send information to your selected app and trigger your desired action.

Zap! Zap! Now you're able to share your user insights with all of your favorite apps.

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