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January 23, 2023

Sprig adds Alec Levin from Learners as Advisor

User Research

At Sprig, asking users for feedback is our focus. That’s why we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to announce an exciting new partnership that will give us the ability to tap into feedback from one of our ideal power users.

If you’re in the business of listening to your users, you probably know the name Alec Levin. For over ten years, he’s been a pioneer in the user research industry, advocating for the importance of research in successful product growth and bringing together researchers from across the community for conversation, mentorship, advice, and more.

Now Alec is bringing his expertise to Sprig as an advisor, helping us pave the path forward for a world where a real-time, comprehensive understanding of the user is a non-negotiable before building any new feature or product. He’ll help guide Sprig as we work towards our mission of making experiences that matter and making every product customer-driven.

Currently, Alec is the CEO and co-founder of Learners, a company built to provide professional growth opportunities for user researchers and advance the field of user research. Learners also puts on the annual UXRConf, a favorite of researchers worldwide (and of Sprig!), and boasts a mobile app, which gives researchers access to daily videos from mentors and knowledgeable researchers on the topics that matter most to them. His previous experience includes researcher roles at Deloitte Digital, Finaeo, and UXR Collective, among others.

Most importantly, Alec has worked tirelessly to create community and support for the research community and that’s never been more critical. He has big ideas for the future of research, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with him in 2023.

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