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Join Sprig CEO, Ryan Glasgow, as he discusses how to make products people love with product leaders from some of the world’s fastest growing and most successful tech companies.

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Vlad Gasan

Episode 11

OfferUp: Progress your career by thinking like an entrepreneur with Vlad Gasan

In this episode, Vlad Gasan shares how product managers can tap into their “entrepreneurial spirit” in order to unlock a unique product vision and progress their careers.

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Episode 10

Productboard: What it really means to be customer-centric with SK

In this episode of People Driven Products, Productboard’s VP of Product, Srinivas Krishnamurti, defines what it really means to be “customer-centric” and shares tactical strategies on how to ensure you are striking the right balance between building for existing and prospective customers.

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Clara Nobre

Episode 09

Wise: Creating a culture expects “thoughtful mistakes”, with Clara Nobre, Senior PM

In this episode Clara Nobre discusses the role that quantitative vs. qualitative research plays when determining how to prioritize product features.

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Adam Johnston

Episode 08

Shift: Driving more effectiveness and productivity through empathy, with Adam Johnston, Director of Product and Design

In this episode Adam dives into where customer behavioral shifts come from, emphasizing mobile first, trends in the market post-COVID-19 and more.

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Ananya Sharan

Episode 07

Pandora: How to become a PM skilled in 'ruthless prioritization' with Ananya Sharan

In this episode, Ananya discusses how she drives value for both target customers and internal leadership teams.

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Alok Ojha

Episode 06

Box: A 3-step PM roadmap for launching fast growing products with Alok Ojha, VP of Products

In this episode, Alok Ojha breaks down his step-by-step method for launching a new product.

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Nissim Lehyani

Episode 05

Indeed: The 3 keys to value-based decision making, with Nissim Lehyani

In this episode, Nissim Lehyani discusses how he's adapted products to shifting job seeker needs, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Laura Marino

Episode 04

TrueAccord: Lessons from building 20 products in 20+ years, with Laura Marino

In this episode Laura Marino shares insight into instilling the value of being customer-centric and how product management education is changing.

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John Cutler

Episode 03

Amplitude: How culture impacts the role of product management, with John Cutler

In this episode John Cutler talks about how he perceives the product manager role should function and why culture plays a big part.

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Matt Tse

Episode 02

Atlassian: Lessons from 5,000 pieces of feedback with Matt Tse

In this episode, Matt Tse talks about how he uses his experience in product discovery and design thinking to help customers find success.

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Daniel Slate

Episode 01

Wealthfront: Building a loyal, trusting consumer base with Dan Slate

In this episode, Dan Slate talks about how he works with product teams to achieve their mission of building a financial system that favors people over institutions.

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Ryan Glasgow

Episode 00


Join Sprig CEO, Ryan Glasgow, as he discusses how to make products people love with PM leaders from some of the world’s fastest growing and most successful tech companies.

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Ryan Glasgow

Ryan Glasgow is the founder and CEO of Sprig. Prior to starting the company, Ryan was an early team member and the first product manager at five different companies that he helped scale from startup to successful exit, including Weebly, which was acquired by Square, and Vurb, which was acquired by Snapchat.

Ryan's customer-centric approach to product development fueled his success. However, while at Weebly, Ryan realized how difficult it was to obtain rich customer insights from his user base quickly enough to meet the fast pace of agile product development.

It was this pain-point that led him to start Sprig and create the first ever continuous research platform that could deliver in-depth customer insights at the speed of modern product development.

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