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In-context user research that's fast and reliable.

Ensure user research happens early and often with Sprig's targeted microsurveys, video questions, and more.

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Modern product teams move fast, but learning from customers takes a ton of time, effort, and energy.

So teams often rush user research or skip it altogether, causing products and features to miss the mark.

Sprig makes it possible to obtain qualitative insights at the speed and scale of analytics

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Target your actual users during key moments throughout their product journey.

Get 30% higher response rates by asking your customers hyper-relevant questions based on who they are and what they'll do within your product.


How Sprig helps ensure every product decision is customer-informed

And helps through every stage of your product.

Contextual Microsurveys

Keep a constant pulse on your customer’s experience. Continuously surface user insights via in-product, email, or link microsurveys to improve your product and acquisition funnels.

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Video Questions

Have more customer conversations, in less time. Conduct one-to-one user interviews anytime, anywhere in order to validate ideas and build a roadmap your customers will love.

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Concept Testing

Quickly iterate designs based on feedback from your users. Conduct rapid and remote concept testing to ensure your new concept, design, and messaging hit the mark by collecting feedback from your customers before launch.

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How Sprig delivers accurate, in-depth user insights in real-time

  • Target users based on what 
they do in your product

    Conduct interviews, concept tests, and surveys with specific users based on certain characteristics and actions. Giving you faster, more relevant results every time.

  • Automatically analyze text and voice responses

    Our automated analysis combines AI and human oversight to deliver accurate, actionable themes in real-time, plus recommendations for next steps.

  • Get started with 75+ expertly designed video, concept test, or microsurvey templates.

    And create your own approved templates for team use.


Share data and insights across all of your (other) favorite tools by integrating with Sprig

Connect events and attributes from other platforms to ensure you’re asking the right customers the right questions. Then share your findings with apps like Slack and Zendesk to get a comprehensive view of your users' behaviors.

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Trusted by the world's most customer-centric teams

Sprig helps product and research teams ensure user insights fuel every product decision.

  • Sprig helps us collect insights easier, faster, and more accurately than any other tool on the market, which allows us to build a better product for our users and ultimately grow our revenue.

    Dan Layfield - headshot

    Daniel Layfield

    Growth Product Manager at Codecademy

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