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User Research that's in-the-moment

The best research insights come from your actual users, as they experience your product. Sprig lets you learn this way, every day.

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Learning from your actual users in-context is harder than it needs to be

DIY solutions require substantial engineering support and other tools can't meet the needs of large teams and user bases. So you rely on out-of-context research methods and generic insights.

Uncover how your users really feel, in the moment

After a lightweight integration, ask a question (or a few) to users at just the right moment. The entire experience will feel native for your users, and seamless for you.

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Survey asking how we could improve your experience

Target your actual users during key moments throughout their product journey

Get 30%+ response rates (and even as high as 90%) by asking your customers hyper-relevant questions based on who they are and what they do within your product.


Sprig helps ensure every product decision is research-informed

Conduct research early and often throughout the product development process.

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Evaluate the Existing Product Experience

Continuously surface insights as your users navigate and engage with your product. Ask questions in-product, via triggered email, or embedded within existing user journeys.

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Test New Product Concepts

Quickly iterate on designs based on feedback from your users. Conduct rapid unmoderated concept testing prior to launch to ensure your new user flow, feature, or messaging hits the mark.

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Recruit Research Participants

Seamlessly source research participants from your exact target audience. Set your criteria and launch a quick screener in your product or app, and find the perfect participants in minutes.

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How Sprig delivers accurate, in-depth user insights in real-time

  • Target users based on who they are or what 
they do in your product.

    Evaluate existing product experiences, test new features and recruit users based on certain characteristics and actions. Giving you faster, more relevant results every time.

  • Ditch the most tedious aspects of research analysis.

    Our automated analysis combines AI and human oversight to group open text response data into themes that are customized for your business, product, and study.

  • Connect Sprig with your (other) favorite apps to easily share data and insights across your tools.

    Push qualitative insights to your standard analytics dashboards or data warehouse so you can understand the full user experience by adding the "why" to "what's happening?".

Fly through your security review process with Sprig

Your data is safe with us. We're SOC2 Type 2 certified, GDPR compliant, and trusted by the world's largest and most security-conscious organizations.

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Trusted by the world's most customer-centric teams

Fuel your company's growth with real-time customer insights.

  • Sprig has been extremely useful in scaling the research team’s impact by speeding up knowledge generation.

    Jewel Seperson - headshot

    Jewel Seperson

    Head of User Research at Square

Launch a Sprig and get insights within hours.

Get started to evaluate existing experiences, test new product concepts, or recruit research participants within your product, on your website, and more.