Why Sprig?

Learn how Sprig can help you capture in‑the‑moment insights from your actual users. No expertise required.

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To build the best products, you need fast, accurate insights from your users all the time

Yet traditional research tools haven’t evolved to meet the needs of modern product teams that are testing and iterating on a daily basis.

Traditional email surveys, interviews, and users tests are slow and siloed

This leaves teams with a choice: Make decisions based on incomplete data, only use research sometimes, or skip research when you really need it.

Sprig delivers fast, effortless user insights 
throughout every stage of development

Instead of wasting weeks collecting and analyzing data, 
Sprig's integrated approach to research delivers in-depth 
insights within hours.

Connect with the right 
users at the right time

  • Target specific users based on their characteristics and actions
  • Ask questions directly within your web and mobile products or via email and link
  • Receive 30% higher response rates than traditional research methods

Everything you need to understand your 
customers. All in one place.

Video Interviews

Have more customer conversations, in less time

Conduct one-on-one user interviews anytime, anywhere in order to validate ideas and build a roadmap your customers will love.

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Concept Testing

Quickly iterate designs based on feedback from your users

Conduct rapid and remote concept testing to ensure your new concept, design, and/or messaging hits the mark by collecting feedback from your customers prior to launch.

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Contextual Microsurveys

Keep a constant pulse on your customer’s experience

Continuously surface user insights via in-product, email, or link microsurveys to improve your product and acquisition funnels.

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How Sprig helps product managers, designers, 
and researchers build more successful products

More insights with less time and fewer resources

With Sprig, it’s like having a dedicated researcher on your team who continuously captures, analyzes, and uncovers valuable insights without additional time or tools.

Faster, insight driven product development

You’ll be able to learn, iterate, and grow your products faster and more successfully because you’re using insights, not gut feelings, to drive development.

Visibility into the “invisible” parts of the user journey

Unlike other research tools, Sprig helps you uncover valuable insights even in notoriously “invisible” moments throughout the customer journey including signup, onboarding, engagement, churn, and more.

More reasons to love Sprig

Get set up in minutes, start seeing insights within hours

After a quick integration, you’ll be ready to launch your first interview, concept test, or survey within minutes. Launch whenever you want, without bugging your engineers or research team.

  • No-code integrations
  • Deliver via web, mobile, email or link
  • Launch faster with 75+ templates

No manual analysis or on-going work required

Rather than manually capturing and reviewing data, our automated analysis combines AI and human oversight to deliver accurate, actionable themes in real-time.

  • Set it & forget it
  • Saves you hours of manual analysis
  • Automatically receive actionable insights

Precise targeting and results like you’ve never seen before

Conduct research with specific users at specific points in time, resulting in hyper-relevant feedback, higher response rates, and more confidence in your data.

  • 30% response rate, on average
  • Contextual, action-based targeting
  • Bigger samples sizes means more confidence in data

Square discovered 100+ actionable insights across 5 product areas in just 6 months

Learn how Sprig worked with Square to deliver in-product insights they can act on immediately.

Sprig has been extremely useful in scaling the team’s impact by speeding up knowledge generation and providing in-the moment, highly relevant insights to our product team.

Jewel Seperson

Head of User Research at Square

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