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Learn the latest in product insights best practices, frameworks, and real-life examples.

Collect and Analyze Product Insights with Sprig

Lead solutions consultant Denisse Dominguez showcases how the Sprig platform can help product teams gather valuable insights through in-product surveys and prototype testing. Whether you want to optimize user journeys, improve usability, or confidently release changes, Sprig offers a seamless way to test and analyze your product all in one place.

Know if Your Designs will Resonate by Testing Early, Often, and With the Right Users

Roberta Dombrowski, VP of Research @ User Interviews, and Chris Lee, Product Designer @ Sprig, discuss one of the most important, yet challenging parts of product design: concept and usability testing. You'll learn best practices for design testing and streamlining test setup, recruiting, and incentives, 7 questions to help determine when testing is critical (and when you can go with your assumptions), and how to know when to test with your own users vs. a panel (and considerations for testing with each audience).

SEER Framework: The Collaborative Framework From Tech’s Most Successful Product Teams

User feedback leads to transformative products — if your product team is working in sync. But often, product managers, designers, and researchers each have their own disparate approach, tools, and timelines for collecting and acting on user feedback. We walk through the SEER steps, key activities, and tools that you can put into action today to make user-driven decisions across the product development lifecycle like the world’s best product teams.

Research Twice, Build Once: How to Know Your Users as You Grow

Ryan Glasgow, Sprig CEO, and Elynn Lee, Product Manager at Figma, share how to conduct meaningful research at every stage of growth and use research to de-risk decisions across the entire product development lifecycle.

Leveraging a Users’ Live Product Experience to Inform Strategic Research

This session dives into the surprising benefits of in-product research to inform bigger strategic initiatives. Rie McGwier, formerly a Lead Research at Stash, shared unique in-context use cases that enable frictionless data triangulation, efficient recruiting practices for moderated research, and the ability to leverage the live product experience to conduct in-depth research with high priority user segments.

Optimize Your Tactical Research Program with In-Product Surveys

In a recent research survey, 70% of respondents reported that it is hard to keep up with tactical research requests and they aren't getting the information that they need to make decisions in a timely fashion. What if you could automate some of these tactical research projects so you had more time to focus on strategic research?

Join the team from as they share how they use in-product research surveys to conduct fast, iterative tactical research. Plus they walk through how in-product surveys can help quantify qualitative sentiment and reduce dependence on time-consuming moderated sessions.

Reduce Recall Bias and Add More Context to Your Research

In a recent poll 87% of researchers agreed or strongly agreed that recall bias had impacted their research. That makes sense. If you wait to ask your users a question about their experience until after they complete the flow you are evaluating you open your research to recall bias.

In this session, Ale Argenio, Head of UX at Noon, and Garrett Groszko, Director of Design at Noon, will walk you through how they have used in-product surveys to reduce recall bias and collect critical insights that have helped them build a stronger experience for their students.

Use Your Product Experience for In-Depth Research Studies

Traditional diary studies and longitudinal research studies help uncover deep insights about your most relevant and loyal users. But they are time-consuming and difficult to trigger off of natural product usage. It doesn't have to be this way. With the right tools, you can use in-the-moment research methods to conduct in-depth research with specific groups of users over time.

In this session, Allison Dickin, User Researcher at Sprig, and Nikhil Patel, Product Manager at Sprig, will walk you through four ways you can use in-context surveys to enable deeper and more strategic research.

Test Concepts and Prototypes with Your Own Users for Insights You Can Trust

When a company invests in UX research during a product's conceptual phase it reduces the development timeline by 50%. When that research is done with your company's own users the result is high-quality research insights that you can trust.

In this session, Allison Dickin, User Researcher at Sprig, and Ben Kolde, Design Lead at Sprig, will walk you through new ways to connect with your users directly and how you can make it easy for them to take part in your research.

The Role of User Research in a Downturn

UX research is more important than ever in an economic downturn. Prioritizing the right projects, preventing churn, and optimizing critical growth funnels are even more critical for organizations as they navigate these times.

In this session, Claudia Natasia, Director of User Research at Highspot, releases new data on the monetary impact of user research on a company's revenue.

Use In-Context Research to Understand the User Experience in Realtime

Context is crucial for user research especially when trying to learn from users during critical moments in the customer journey. Asking the right question, to the right person, at the right time, is critical to surfacing reliable insights.

In this session, Allison Dickin, User Researcher at Sprig, will walk you through various ways Sprig users build in-context surveys into their research programs.

A Framework for Continuous Research: How to use in-context surveys to fuel & validate qualitative user research

Leveraging research methods like contextual surveys can provide a jumping-off point for in-depth, moderated research and help validate what you are hearing in research sessions. The result is a continuous loop of insights that fuel each other and help you prioritize the right questions.

In this session, co-hosted with the team at User Interviews, experts discuss how they have built continuous research loops into their workflows and strategies for you to do the same.

Demonstrating Research Impact: How to make user research essential to strategic planning

Research teams often need to prove the value of research insights to strategic decision making to get a seat at the table. How these teams create, measure, and communicate the impact of their research builds credibility to up-level the function from never-ending tactical requests to strategic projects that are top of mind for senior leadership.

Hear how UX research teams at Robinhood, Loom, and Opendoor are thinking about how to put this evolution into practice.

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