Video interviews

Conduct user interviews anytime, anywhere in order to validate ideas and build a roadmap your customers will love.

All the perks of meeting face to face. Minus the time commitment.

  • Record your interview questions & share with your target audience
  • See your customers' facial expressions & hear their tone of voice as they respond asynchronously
  • Receive automatically analyzed transcriptions of each interview

Get rich, deep insights in less 
time with video interviews


Meet with customers without the hassle of recruiting or scheduling individual interviews

Rather than waiting for opt-ins and rescheduling no shows, simply choose your ideal interviewees based on their attributes or actions within your product and then share within the product experience or via link and email.


Launch your user interview in minutes by recording a short series of questions

Your asynchronous interview can be conducted via video or voice, or mix it up and add text responses, multiple choice selections, rating scales, and more.


Watch user interviews stream in, in real-time

Get more responses faster, because your customers can respond whenever it's convenient for them. Goodbye, no shows!


Receive automatically transcribed and analyzed responses

No more rewinding, rewatching, and note-taking. You receive the full recording and transcription for each interview. Plus, we automatically surface key themes that emerge across all interview responses.

Chipper increased feature adoption by 194%

When Chipper’s new crypto feature was met with little usage they turned to Sprig to uncover why adoption rates were so low and how to improve them.

Our product has gotten better because of the sheer amount of user insights and feedback we’ve received through the native, in-product delivery, and Sprig makes it easy to do so.

Hasan Luongo

VP of Growth at Chipper Cash

Welcome to the new way of 
conducting user interviews

Precise targeting

Choose your ideal interviewees based on their specific behaviors, events, user groups, time parameters, and more.

Video, text, and structured questions

Get all of your questions answered by including text responses, multiple choice selections, or rating scales in addition to video questions.

Automatic analysis

Receive analyzed transcriptions for each interview that highlights common response themes throughout your experiment.

Launch a Sprig in minutes. 
See insights within hours.

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specific users within your product, on your website, and more.