Understand your audience

Having trouble converting or retaining users? Identify user goals and pain points, uncover motivations, evaluate the user experience, and more.

Understand why users aren’t signing up

Skip the chatbots and effortlessly ask text or video questions that capture visitor questions, concerns and hesitations so you can strengthen your messaging and increase conversion.

Get to know your audience

Run profiling microsurveys to capture visitor information such as role, buying intent, demographic or firmographic information. Gain clarity into customer needs and strengthen messaging.

Optimize ad spend

Run microsurveys targeted at traffic sources, or segment by ad campaigns to understand buyer intent and whether you’re attracting the right audience.

Bring the customer perspective to the forefront

Ask questions directly within your product to measure what matters to your business, whether it’s product/market fit or understanding subscriber satisfaction.

Measure user health and intent

Run in-product microsurveys to measure user and subscriber health that are leading indicators into your future revenue. Quantify subscriber satisfaction, future usage intent, and other health metrics.

Learn how to acquire more customers with help from our templates

This collection includes 7 free product research templates to help you better understand your audience and convert them into loyal customers.

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