Improve your product

Not sure how to improve your product? Sprig can help you surface the insights you need to improve usability, design, performance, and more.

Evaluate the user experience and usability of your product

Learn how easy it is for users to accomplish specific tasks, use certain features, navigate through your product, search for information, and more while capturing hyper-relevant feedback.

Gauge satisfaction across specific features or areas of your product

Learn how satisfied your users are with specific features and identify opportunities for improvement (perfect for optimizing existing features or when you’re releasing something new).

Learn how users perceive the “look & feel” of your product

Uncover how your users feel about the design of your product and how they would improve it (great for optimizing your current design or testing new ideas).

Measure reliability and performance while identifying bugs

Ensure users have a seamless experience by measuring the reliability and performance of your product; you can also quickly identify bugs, barriers, or issues that could be negatively impacting the user experience.

Capture user feedback at every step so you can constantly learn and improve

Every microsurvey ends with a request for feedback, which gives your users a voice and provides you with endless ideas for how you can improve your product, retain more users, and stay ahead of the competition.

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