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Evaluate Information Architecture

Learn how intuitive your product layout & navigation is and identify opportunities to improve.


Use this template to uncover any issues with your current site navigation, or to test updates you're contemplating for your current user flow before you go live.

  • Design
  • Usability

How to use the Evaluate Information Architecture template

When to use

Use this template to identify issues with your current site navigation, or to test changes you're planning to make to the navigation before you go live.

Who to target

For authenticated experiences, target current users of your product. It may be helpful to target newer users who haven't fully adjusted to the existing navigation.

What you'll learn

You'll learn how easy it is to navigate your product and understand the reasons why users get lost, so that you can make the navigation more intuitive.

Designed by survey fanatic and customer experience advocate.

Allison Dickin, Staff User Researcher at Sprig

Allison Dickon Headshot

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