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Prototype & Usability Testing

Launch with confidence by testing designs with users, then continue to iterate after launch.

About this collection

There can be a surprisingly large gap between designs that look and feel intuitive and designs that actually are intuitive when real users attempt to use new features to carry out tasks and achieve goals. Testing interactive prototypes and live products with users enables most of your iteration to happen before launch, resulting in more efficient use of your team's time and happier customers.

Templates in this Collection

In-Product Prompt for Concept Test

Use this in-product prompt to recruit your actual users to participate in a link-based concept test.

Evaluate Information Architecture

Use this template to uncover any issues with your current site navigation, or to test updates you're contemplating for your current navigation before you go live.

Test an Interactive Prototype

Use this template once you have developed an interactive prototype. There might be multiple versions of your prototype that you will want to test as you learn through the product development cycle.

Test an Interactive Prototype with NDA

Use this template once you have developed an interactive prototype and security is a priority. Collect, track, and store non-disclosure agreements as part of the prototype test.

Run an In-the-Moment Usability Test

Use this template to get in-the-moment feedback from a targeted group of users before you start working on a redesign of a product or feature.

Capture Live Session Experiences

This template allows you to create a benchmark for your product or feature's usability across multiple different user journeys. It's recommended to run live session experiences on a quarterly basis.

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