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Concept Testing

Get early insight on new ideas to ensure you invest in the highest priority problems.

About this collection

Nothing's worse than investing time and resources to build and launch something new, only to discover your customers don't actually need it. That's why it's so critical to test product ideas before plunging in. Use these templates to make sure you're spending your time solving real problems, and that your solutions address the most critical pain points for your audience.

Templates in this Collection

In-Product Prompt for Concept Test

Use this in-product prompt to recruit your actual users to participate in a link-based concept test.

Evaluate a Product Idea

This concept testing template allows you to test an idea with users that you expect to be in your target audience. Learn if you have something that is worth investing in or if you need to pivot directions.

Test a Product Concept

This concept testing template lets you test a product concept when you have a rough design with your ideal users. Learn if you have a product that is worth your time and resources or if you need to change course.

Test a Product Concept with NDA

This concept testing template allows you to test a product concept when you have a rough design with your ideal users without worrying about security.

Test Multiple Product Concepts

This template allows you to share multiple design concepts in order to gauge the potential value of the features you are designing.

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