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Recruiting Prompts & Screening

Easily identify, recruit, and schedule research participants.

About this collection

Finding the right people to include in research interviews can be time-consuming. Use this template collection to make it easier to recruit from your own user base and get them scheduled without all the back and forth it usually requires.

Templates in this Collection

Build a Research Panel

This survey allows you to identify users who are willing to be contacted for more in-depth research at a later time. Use it to build a list of willing participants that can be drawn from on an ongoing basis.

Recruit Participants Directly

This survey allows you to recruit interview participants while they are actively using a relevant part of your product. Use it to identify, screen, and schedule qualified participants.

Identify Candidates for Follow-up Screening

This survey helps you identify users who are willing to participate in research right in your product. Use it to identify users to follow up for more in-depth screening.

In-Product Prompt for Concept Test

Use this in-product prompt to recruit your actual users to participate in a link-based concept test.

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