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Onboard More Customers

Make it easy for users to sign up and get started with your product.

About this collection

A seamless onboarding experience can be the difference between success and failure. But it can be difficult to understand why users don't complete onboarding and what to do about it. Use this collection to increase onboarding conversion and provide a great user experience.

Templates in this Collection

Understand New User Expectations

This microsurvey helps you understand the expectations of potential users or new users. Use it to uncover opportunities to boost confidence in your solution and increase onboarding conversion.

Improve the Sign-Up Experience

This microsurvey measures the sign up experience and gauges new user expectations. Use it to identify opportunities to reduce sign up friction and eliminate barriers to onboarding.

Improve the Onboarding Experience

This microsurvey measures the overall onboarding experience. Use it to measure the ease of onboarding and identify opportunities to smooth the path for future users.

Improve Trial-to-Subscription Conversion

This microsurvey uncovers the reasons why users don't subscribe after completing a trial. Use it to find ways to make onboarding easier and strengthen the conversion funnel.

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