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NPS & Sentiment Tracking

Keep tabs on customer sentiment and loyalty with these familiar metrics.

About this collection

Customers' needs and goals are constantly evolving, and so is the competitive landscape. Keeping a constant pulse on your customers helps ensure your understanding of customer sentiment is up-to-date and identifies red flags early, before customers churn. Use these set-it-and-forget-it templates to unlock a continuous stream of insights and stay close to your customers.

Templates in this Collection

Improve Your Newsletter (a.k.a. "The Lenny")

This survey helps you gauge subscriber satisfaction with your email newsletter content and identify opportunities to improve. Embed it at the end of your newsletter to continuously collect insights.

Understand Future Purchase Intent

This survey gauges customers' intentions to purchase from your site again in the future. Use it to gauge customer loyalty and identify opportunities to increase repeat purchase behavior.

Measure Subscriber Satisfaction

This survey gauges the subscriber experience and identifies opportunities to improve. Use it to identify issues that could lead to churn and find optimizations to increase renewal rates.

Measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

This survey helps you gauge customer satisfaction. Use it to track the overall customer experience, or customize it to narrow in on a specific aspect of the experience.

Measure Product Value

This survey helps you understand how valuable your product is to your users and identify opportunities to increase traction. Use it as a customer experience metric or to help build your next product roadmap.

Measure Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This survey measures Net Promoter Score by asking users how likely they are to recommend your product. Use it to gauge and track customer loyalty and advocacy over time.

Measure Customer Effort Score (CES)

This survey measures the perceived effort for customers to accomplish their goals for using your product. Use it to identify opportunities to optimize your customer journey.

Measure Product/Market Fit

This survey helps you understand whether the your new product or features solves the problem you intended it to. Refine your value proposition and assess how close you are to a market-ready product.

Understand Future Usage Intent

This survey measure your users' intentions to continue using your product for the near future. Use it to gauge product traction and identify opportunities to reduce churn risk.

Meet Customer Needs

This series of video questions helps you get into the minds of your B2B audience and identify key goals, motivations, and pain points that drive customer behavior.

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