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Measure the Customer Experience

Identify opportunities to improve the experience from sign up to churn.

About this collection

You need to keep a pulse on the customer experience to identify gaps, address issues, and proactively address churn risk. Use this collection to choose from a variety of common metrics, and select the ones that best fit your business goals and customer profile.

Templates in this Collection

Find Product-Market Fit

This microsurvey measures your product's ability to uniquely meet customer needs and surfaces opportunities to increase traction. Use it to measure progress over time and identify the highest priority improvements.

Measure Subscriber Satisfaction

This microsurvey gauges the subscriber experience and identifies opportunities to improve. Use it to identify issues that could lead to churn and find optimizations to increase renewal rates.

Measure (CSAT)

This microsurvey helps you gauge customer satisfaction. Use it to track the overall customer experience, or customize it to narrow in on a specific aspect of the experience.

Measure Product Value

This microsurvey helps you understand how valuable your product is to your users and identify opportunities to increase traction. Use it as a customer experience metric or to help build your next product roadmap.

Measure Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This microsurvey measures Net Promoter Score by asking users how likely they are to recommend your product. Use it to gauge and track customer loyalty and advocacy over time.

Measure Customer Effort

This microsurvey measures the perceived effort for customers to accomplish their goals for using your product. Use it to identify opportunities to optimize your customer journey.

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