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Evaluate the User Experience

This survey gauges 3 core aspects of the experience with a product or feature. Use it to measure user perceptions of usability, value, and reliability, and identify opportunities to improve the experience.

Gauge Feature Satisfaction

This survey will help you understand satisfaction with specific features and identify opportunities to improve them. Use it when releasing new features or starting a project to optimize existing features.

Build a Research Panel

This survey allows you to identify users who are willing to be contacted for more in-depth research at a later time. Use it to build a list of willing participants that can be drawn from on an ongoing basis.

Recruit Participants Directly

This survey allows you to recruit interview participants while they are actively using a relevant part of your product. Use it to identify, screen, and schedule qualified participants.

Improve the Onboarding Experience

This survey measures the overall onboarding experience. Use it to measure the ease of onboarding and identify opportunities to smooth the path for future users.

Measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

This survey helps you gauge customer satisfaction. Use it to track the overall customer experience, or customize it to narrow in on a specific aspect of the experience.

Measure Product Value

This survey helps you understand how valuable your product is to your users and identify opportunities to increase traction. Use it as a customer experience metric or to help build your next product roadmap.

Measure Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This survey measures Net Promoter Score by asking users how likely they are to recommend your product. Use it to gauge and track customer loyalty and advocacy over time.

Measure Product/Market Fit

This survey helps you understand whether the your new product or features solves the problem you intended it to. Refine your value proposition and assess how close you are to a market-ready product.

Test a Product Concept with NDA

This concept testing template allows you to test a product concept when you have a rough design with your ideal users without worrying about security.

Test Messaging Concepts

Use this concept testing template to share potential messages and evaluate their effectiveness for clarity, relevance, and overall appeal.

Test an Interactive Prototype

Use this template once you have developed an interactive prototype. There might be multiple versions of your prototype that you will want to test as you learn through the product development cycle.

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