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How is UXR Being Impacted in a Downturn?

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Are we in a recession? The experts can’t agree. However, we can agree that companies are feeling the pinch.

Researchers are no exception. In fact, nearly 1 in 3 research teams are being asked to do more more with fewer resources.

We surveyed researchers across roles and industries and are revealing good, the bad, and the optimistic about the state of UXR in a recession.

Insights from 70+ UXR Teams

Learn How UXR Teams Are Adapting

The Sprig research team interviewed UXR researchers from some of the biggest companies in the world and the scrappiest start-ups. Read this report to learn how they pivoted in the new economic climate and their strategies for making their research go further.

  • No new UXR headcount means doing more enablement and coaching for product managers and designers to take on certain research studies, [and] looking into quicker or more lightweight methods, like unmoderated, so we can keep output steady.