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Make your product your most valuable source of user insights

Sprig makes it easy to conduct high-impact research with the right users across the entire product lifecycle.

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A direct line to the users who matter most

The best insights come from your own users, but those users can be hard to access. Sprig improves confidence in your data and unlocks transformational insights by leveraging your product and users for research.


Sprig helps ensure every product
decision is research-informed

By making it easy to conduct research with your own users across the entire product lifecycle

Evaluate existing Product experiences

Learn from users in real time with in-the-moment surveys

Surface valuable insights as your users experience your live product. Ask questions in-product, via email, or within existing journeys.

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Visualization of concept testing

test new product experiences

Test concepts with your own users for insights you can trust

Conduct rapid unmoderated concept tests prior to launch to ensure your new user flow, feature, or messaging hits the mark.

How Sprig powers world-class experiences for leading digital products

  • Microsurvey asking about the square store experience

    Square uncovers friction in the onboarding flow by learning from users in real time

    Sprig helped Square generate over 100 actionable insights across 5 product areas in its first 6 months.

  • Shift Microsurvey

    Shift revamps the car browsing experience after learning from active buyers

    Sprig helped Shift collect over 13K responses within 6 months, compared to the same number in 2 years with SurveyMonkey. Plus, all responses were from the correct, qualified user base.

  • Chipper Microsurvey

    Chipper Cash uncovers barriers to adoption for a new feature within days

    Sprig helped the popular African FinTech app Chipper Cash identify lack of user knowledge as a key barrier to adoption, which fueled investment in awareness-focused marketing and the launch of a new education initiative.


Why research, product, and design teams love Sprig

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Easy to use from install to insight

After a simple integration, launch your first survey, quickly recruit participants to concept test, and start collecting insights.

  • Start quickly and learn continuously with a variety of low and no-code integrations
  • Easily customize the look and feel to match your brand standards
  • View results in real time as responses flow in


Get hyper-specific with advanced targeting

Event-based technology lets you target nearly any user for surveys or tests without bugging engineering for help with each study.

  • Contextual, action-based targeting aids in recall
  • Recruit ideal participants for more research
  • Bigger samples mean more confidence in data
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Multiple ways to test and learn

Capture insights from your own users across multiple methods and devices. Test concepts, conduct usability tests, or identify issues with onboarding or engagement—all within Sprig.

  • Multiple research methods including usability tests and surveys
  • Reach users across web, iOS, Android, sharable link, and email
  • View results for tests and surveys all in one place


Analysis done for you

Say goodbye to word clouds. Sprig’s award-winning AI with a human in the loop saves you time by grouping responses into useful, usable themes.

  • Saves you hours of manual analysis
  • Themes are specific to your company and product
  • Results become more customized over time
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How Sprig enables teams to work smarter, not harder

Get hyper-relevant feedback

Capture more specific and relevant insights by asking the right questions to the right users at the right time.

Reduce time to insight

Get to the insights that matter, faster, with efficient targeting and quick turnaround times for studies and tests.

More impact with less effort

Have more ‘aha’ moments, without the manual work you wish you could automate.

Share insights with the whole team

Spread customer-centricity across all teams with sharable dashboards and unlimited seats to Sprig.

  • With Sprig, we’re now able to conduct research with users who are hard to access or when context is critical to understanding the user experience. We don't have any other tools that enable us to learn in this way.

    Brandi Luedeman Open Door

    Brandi Luedeman

    Head of Research and Insights at Opendoor

  • Sprig makes it easy to obtain timely, relevant feedback from our users. The targeted surveys are delightful for users and we've gained incredibly valuable insights to guide our product development process.


    Lillian Zuo

    Group Product Manager at ClassPass

  • Sprig has been extremely useful in helping our research team provide highly relevant, in-the-moment insights to our product and marketing teams.

    Jewel Seperson - headshot

    Jewel Seperson

    Head of User Research at Square

Sprig helps user researchers and product teams build more user-centric products

  • Visibility into the invisible parts of the user journey

    Unlike other research tools, Sprig helps you uncover valuable insights even in notoriously "invisible" moments throughout the customer journey, including signup, onboarding, engagement, churn, and more.

Launch a Sprig and get insights within hours.

Make every product decision research-informed. Get started with Sprig and conduct high-impact research with your users across the product lifecycle.