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Sprig for Enterprise

Empower your entire company with real-time user insights that integrate with your enterprise systems and strategies.

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Sprig powers world-class experiences for the leading digital products

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How Sprig helps product and research teams move faster, while staying compliant and connected

Empower every team member to make insight-driven decisions

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Robust team-management controls to ensure everyone has access to what they need

  • Create separate team accounts.
  • Set specific member permissions and SSO.
  • Share approved research templates for teams to use.

Create seamless experiences with fully customizable design settings and global language support

  • Use custom CSS to brand your research questions.
  • Choose exactly where your surveys appear in-product.
  • Automatically translate text-based surveys to 80+ languages.
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Run sophisticated experiments that deliver insights in real-time

  • Integrate questions directly into A/B tests or beta rollouts for in-the-moment results.
  • Continuously run studies to set benchmarks and be alerted of any major changes.
  • Results are automatically analyzed and can be sent back to your data warehouse or other internal tools.

Reduce requests to your data science team with advanced self-serve targeting

  • Connect your data warehouse with Sprig to maintain consistency with company-level data.
  • Create complex audience-targeting logic in minutes.
  • Launch research studies directly within your product, with minimal engineering resources.
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Sprig's advanced security posture will keep your data safe

  • Trust that your data is secure with SOC2 certification.
  • Maintain perfect GDPR and CCPA compliance.
  • Ensure data confidentiality with two-factor authentication and SSO.

Cut your product research process down by (almost) 4 weeks

With Sprig, your Product team gets constant, in-the-moment insights while your Research team gets more time to focus on larger impact studies.

Current user research process:

User Research with Sprig:

  • Product & Research kick-off study
  • Meet with Data team to pull qualified participant list
  • Design research study or survey
  • Design email, load list, and recruit participants
  • Conduct interviews or wait for survey results
  • Research team manually analyzes results
  • Share findings with Product team
  • Decipher & apply findings
  • Product & Research kick-off study
  • Create study in Sprig
  • Set up targeting & launch
  • Start receiving automatically analyzed results & apply findings
Total time = 4+ weeks
Total time = 3 hours
  • Sprig’s console and tag integration makes it a snap to start up a new study on the fly — with no dev team capacity required.

    Eric Goldman - Salesforce

    Eric Goldman

    Principal Software Engineer at Salesforce

Powerful enterprise features that keep your team secure and successful

APIs & Integrations

Sprig offers API access to both your production and development environments, in addition to the ability to share insights with thousands of business-critical apps.

SOC2 Security & Compliance

Your data is always secure with SSO and GDPR compliant features, data encryption, access controls, and more.

Advanced Functionality & Customization

Build highly targeted, custom surveys with features like advanced logic, branching, multilingual support, custom design, and much more.

Admin Controls & Governance

Gain visibility and control over all users with universal settings to establish and maintain access standards.

Launch a Sprig and get insights within hours.

Make every product decision research-informed. Get started with Sprig and conduct high-impact research with your users across the product lifecycle.