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Contextual Targeting

Capture hyper-relevant insights by targeting specific users at specific points throughout the customer journey.

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Target your actual users during key moments throughout their journey

Ask hyper-relevant questions based on specific user behaviors or events. Target specific groups of users like visitors to your website, product line users, paying customers, and more.

Ask video questions and run concept tests with specific users in seconds

Build your ideal user audience based on demographics and actions taken within your product to launch your study, instead of waiting for data-pulls and email blasts.

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Get a 30% higher response rate than traditional research methods

Because Sprig is delivered within context and easy to complete, our customers see user response rates on average of 30-40%, even up to 90% in some cases.

Do it all without disrupting or annoying your customers

With our Recontact Window, you can set specific parameters to help you avoid engaging the same users over and over again.

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  • Sprig helps us collect insights easier, faster, and more accurately than any other tool on the market, which allows us to build a better product for our users and ultimately grow our revenue.

    Dan Layfield - headshot

    Daniel Layfield

    Growth Product Manager at Codecademy

Unique benefits you can’t get from traditional research

Precise targeting

Unlike traditional research, your questions can be targeted to specific behaviors, events, user groups, time parameters, and more.

Faster, more relevant results

Because Sprig’s research questions are short and delivered within your product, you get faster, more relevant results every time.

Native-looking templates

No more clunky-looking surveys. Sprig templates are sleek, modern, and can be easily customized to match your brand.


Share data and insights across all of your (other) favorite tools by integrating with Sprig

Connect events and attributes from other platforms to ensure you’re asking the right customers the right questions. Then share your findings with apps like Slack and Zendesk to get a comprehensive view of your user’s behaviors.

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Launch a Sprig and deliver insights within hours.

Conduct research within the product experience and test design concepts - all without engineering resources.