Understanding onboarding drop-off in days, not months


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Use Case


An award-winning app reduces onboarding drop-off by 24% and increases MRR by 8%.

Plann is an up-and-coming Instagram management tool that became a Sprig customer soon after its launch in 2018. As a new app in a competitive space, it was imperative for Plann to come out of the gate strong and show that it was a force to be reckoned with. That meant rapidly identifying the needs of users and adapting its product seamlessly to the marketplace.

Onboarding drop-off in the web app

Once Plann launched, they quickly acquired a loyal following. However, they also noticed they had a higher rate of onboarding drop-off in their web product than the app. The team needed to understand why visitors weren’t coming back and identify actions they could take to improve results. However, as a small team with limited resources, they had no clear way to capture customer sentiment or identify actionable insights.

Targeted microsurveys at key points in the onboarding journey

With Sprig, the Plann team was able to identify its biggest opportunities with almost no effort, allowing them to move quickly to implement solutions rather than spending time and energy identifying problems.

Sprig enabled Plann to launch targeted microsurveys at key points in the onboarding journey with the click of a button, seamlessly integrating with Plann’s product through an on-brand research interface. The Sprig customer platform and dashboard immediately began surfacing actionable opportunities through real-time, expert analysis of user feedback. Even better, the opportunities were prioritized, so the Plann team could quickly decide what to focus on first to have the biggest impact on onboarding conversion.

Sprig helped us make more money by being able to optimize our marketing spend, product sprints, and conversion funnels. 
We consider it an essential tool for the success of our business.

Christy Laurence

Plann Founder & CEO

From reactive troubleshooting to proactively identifying issues

The company has even prevented individual instances of churn by following up personally with dissatisfied users surfaced through the platform. In fact, Plann restructured its entire support team based on insights obtained through Sprig, enabling it to provide more individualized and effective customer support.

By working with Sprig, Plann has transitioned from reactive troubleshooting to proactively identifying issues before they hit support queues or affect engagement metrics. Further, Plann has moved beyond meeting users’ basic needs to actively delivering the best possible customer experience, which has enabled it to achieve viral levels of reach.

As a new player in the social media space, Plann needs to stay agile and effectively evolve to rise above the competition. With Sprig, their results speak for themselves: they’re on their way.

Sprig identified 12 new opportunities to increase onboarding conversion.